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Hide Secret Messages In Audio

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📖📕 GET THE NEW TINKERNUT BOOK: http://bit.ly/Tinkernutbook 📕📖 Description: If you're into making secret messages, this episode will show you how you can embed text and images into audio spectrographs. See if you can decode my sound clips at http://soundcloud.com/tinkernut Links used in this video: Coagula http://hem.passagen.se/rasmuse/Coagula.htm MetaSynth http://www.uisoftware.com/MetaSynth/index.php Sonic Visualiser http://www.sonicvisualiser.org/download.html Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net
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Text Comments (272)
METALSMAISHEN X (6 days ago)
Thanks :)
Not Beshoy (19 days ago)
i think 2% are mac users
Blank Guy Gaming (2 months ago)
Coagula redirects me to a casino site
IT Tranungkite Boh (3 months ago)
i'll just put my message in lyrics then attached inside mp3. Or put other message via mp3 id.
Z-X (4 months ago)
i took the long and hard way, *cutting and recording audio to do this*
RenegadeHunter3 (5 months ago)
52 mac users disliked this video.
Raymond (6 months ago)
My man! Always a pleasure watching your video. What a smart and great man. Would be crazy if turns out many musics in youtube have secret messages eh?. Music is so beautiful, good for the ears, good for the soul, and turns out, also good for communication, haha.
Rian cintiyo (7 months ago)
can i change the sound??. I mean using a full song to hide this images?
GenesisRise_3417 (7 months ago)
Coagula is a casino site.
Lev1 (8 months ago)
I cant find the download for coagula
Gaseous Apple (8 months ago)
coagula link isn't working.
DO DRUGS KIDS IM ON METH (8 months ago)
Put in cave14.ogg
elmeg guy File viewerG26 (8 months ago)
but i use mac with an installed bootcamp/windows.....
Dr Banana head (9 months ago)
Clicked on video. Advert about how bad macs are. Then 0:56
John Gotti (9 months ago)
the mouse clicks are pissing me off so bad
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
it was 2011 what do you expect from this poor 2011 video
Elvis Presley (9 months ago)
it doesnt work
WunderBred (9 months ago)
50 people were mac users
bjtaudio (10 months ago)
While it may seem clever its easy to discover and crack, and as more of these methods become main stream we will all know where to look.
arendelle_ok87 (1 year ago)
Cogula is blocked link. Why
Zoopa 225 (7 months ago)
to where?
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
Because it got re-located
GeluidsBox (1 year ago)
Fotnite watched this video probably
a singular marijuana (1 year ago)
The shade at mac lmao
dimii27 (1 year ago)
Luv U
Sundar Sundar (1 year ago)
Hello Sir, I have a music file in mp3 format,can you decode and give your feedback. provide me your email id,i send the mp3 file
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
that would be easy but just go on my channel in the about section, verify the capcha thing and you'll get my email adress you can send it there
Lord Krythic (1 year ago)
Lol, Mac doesn't even work on Mac.
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
PP7628 (1 year ago)
You made a mistake...you're supposed to use a logarithmic spectrogram, and not a linear one. That's why the picture looks squashed at the bottom.
PP7628 (21 days ago)
@Javatolligii Just view the spectrogram with a logarithmic scale instead of linear, and set the FFT option to around 4096.
Javatolligii (1 year ago)
how should i fix it?
moose43h (1 year ago)
like for the roast
Jonathan Kim (2 years ago)
Kreakx BH (2 years ago)
Why did you sent the link for MetaSynth, we apparently don't need this one ?
Digitalized (2 years ago)
Mac users roasted
did he just ROAST MAC USERS?
j7ndominica0 (2 years ago)
Hi-Rez 24/192 would be a good format for this. Nobody would hear the added message.
Amelia Price (2 years ago)
0:57 burn
Meme Factory (2 years ago)
"Or you can use Metasynth, which is a bit pricey, but if you're using a Mac I assume you're used to overpriced technology." DAMN SON
Glowworm (2 years ago)
0:59 get rekt mac
RiIvavunner (2 years ago)
"if you're using a mac, you're used to overpriced technology". well fuck
TwinSPaul (2 years ago)
Can i make my own music witch hidden messege in fl studio?
Joel Arthen (2 years ago)
Yes, make the audio files of the picture. Then put them in fl studio. Use Wave candy on the mixer to have a visual spectrum of it. Make sure you make the wave candy large and turn up the scale to be able to see it.
hoarish goat (2 years ago)
6806 TQ56 af46 hidden message above decode,and be rewarded..
boo duh (2 years ago)
This guy can eat a dick xD
PsychoVesuvius (3 years ago)
Liked the video just for the mac roast
Dv3v (1 year ago)
google wine bottler
Ian Cowhig (1 year ago)
From someone who uses a Mac sometimes I wish I had a Windows computer instead. Macs are pretty user friendly, but with enhanced usability comes a decrease in functionality which makes it harder to do more interesting things unless you have advanced knowledge of the intricacies of the Mac OS.
A Fat Penguin (2 years ago)
lol same
Incognito Anonymous (3 years ago)
Awesome video.
kune (3 years ago)
I bet there's secret message in this video.
NameGoesHere Speedart (3 years ago)
C418 did this in his Minecraft song 11.
Thepsychocyborg315 (3 years ago)
Clicked on this video, ad about enhanced audio creation systems was playingXD
littledudejoey (3 years ago)
si6ck (3 years ago)
For dank mac users that think that was a terrible insult because this exists https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac/download
Rombus EvilBones (3 years ago)
oh yeah, a free trial version! :P
Nicolas Madera (3 years ago)
this blows my mind
E.G Smooth (3 years ago)
GHNRRO#X#ORO Decrypt it if you dare!
@Gullible Grent just another day in florida
Gullible Grent (9 months ago)
mywifeleftmeandtookthekids10101001 decrypt if you dare
Tux Got Drunk On Wine (1 year ago)
Kzhp%tkk%~tz%qnyyqj%gfxyfwi3 Decrypt if you dare!
VitaliiDaGamer (2 years ago)
you wrote gibberish
pulpnonfiction (4 years ago)
you're a big guy
Muhammad Ali (4 years ago)
New link for Coagula: https://www.abc.se/~re/Coagula/Coagula.html Like if worked. XD
Does Itmatter (3 years ago)
>"Like if worked. XD" >"XD" ^ Whats funny?
ReflexFX (3 years ago)
@Does Itmatter it works. People are such pussies these days.
Does Itmatter (3 years ago)
I do not trust, whats funny about if it worked?
ReflexFX (4 years ago)
@Muhammad Ali 1.*666* illuminati confirmed
Muhammad Ali (4 years ago)
C o a g u l a   L i g h t   1 . 6  Program version: Coagula Light 1.666. File date: May 8, 2003. I n s t a l l a t i o n   N o t e s Simply unzip the whole package to your hard disk.  Make sure that Winzip (or whichever program you use)  uses the option of preserving the folder structure. This will make it easier to use the supplied filter images. T h e   F i l t e r   B r o w s e r The Coagula basic filter package is intended to work with  the "Image Browser" toolbox.  The initial directory structure is supposed to look as follows: Coagula            <--- (coagula.exe here)      +--- Filters           +--- BW           +--- Color           +--- Misc On startup, Coagula will automatically read all images in the folders  directly under the default filter folder. The Image Browser will show the pictures from each folder in a separate tab. After installation, the default folder is "Filters", but you may change this at any time from the "Options" menu in the program. The help file has further information about most things in the program. Just click on a toolbox dialog (or in the main program) and hit the  F1 key to open it on the appropriate topic. Enjoy, rasmus ekman *******  C o p y r i g h t   n o t i c e s  ******* Coagula is Copyright 1998 - 2003 rasmus ekman. Most filter images in this package are by Mikael Konttinen. His copyright notice follows below.  Some additional useful example filters by Wout Blommers  are in the Misc. filter folder. These are just plainly free. I have added some other filter images inspired by these. Use or misuse them for whatever. re ******* Copyright notice for Coagula filters by M Konttinen ******* Stockholm, June 1999. The BMP images in this package are made and Copyright by  Mikael Konttinen, but may be used and distributed for free  with Coagula by Rasmus Ekman. You can reach me by e-mail at <ancient email deleted> ******* End notice *******
NULL (4 years ago)
My Image (when decoded) is warped. Does anyone have a fix for this?
spread it (1 year ago)
There is a setting that says linear. Change that to log.
Salty Soda (4 years ago)
*follows steps...renders without blue...program auto-plays...becomes deaf* [email protected][email protected]
Christopher Franko (4 years ago)
LMAO - if you are using a mac i assume you are used to overpriced technology. pure gold man.
alex433 (10 months ago)
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Food & Life etc. (1 year ago)
Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "subliminal messaging software free" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Siyayla Subliminal Sanctionizer - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.
Digitalized (2 years ago)
Shots fired.
thats the part i laughed my ass off
Asylo (3 years ago)
+darkscissors Same. xDD
DIES (4 years ago)
Realy cool 3D!
SapphFire (4 years ago)
Coagula link doesent work :(
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
look it up
SapphFire (4 years ago)
Np! :)
CaveCraftersMC (4 years ago)
@AKTT10 Thx
SapphFire (4 years ago)
This should work: http://www.abc.se/~re/Coagula/Coagula.html
Fishmr1 (4 years ago)
Coagula link is broken
Gaseous Apple (8 months ago)
nope, still the same.
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
If you look it up, it reappears but at a different location.
arendelle_ok87 (1 year ago)
Fishmr1 yes.
EMCvids (5 years ago)
can you do the same with text? I want to convert text (I haven't decided yet if it's numbers or letters) to sound and then convert it back to text
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
just make an image with text on it
EMCvids (4 years ago)
@Static Oracle thank you, but I don't know a better place to ask :P also, I just realized that what I'm trying to achieve is almost exactly like what the amiibos do (NFC tags). Only difference is that my method is mechanical and cheaper :P
Static Oracle (4 years ago)
@EMCvids You got good ideas, but you're talking to people on youtube. Don't waste your time.
EMCvids (4 years ago)
@Mistory Minecraft not at all. Don't know why I would. I want to emulate a credit card, however. Meaning I would have a card, put a magnetic strip on it (with sound waves on it) and would like the computer to recognize the sound waves and translate them to text or audio so that I could import it to a program that understands this code, and previews an image with the same name as the text imported. It's for a game. Nothing serious.
Agent M (4 years ago)
I dunno. you trying to hack a credit card?
Singin Girand (5 years ago)
u know you can do it for free using audacity
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
(for the spectrograph part)
nohackersXD (5 years ago)
what about hiding messages not icons
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
it goes about the same way
fogle6 (5 years ago)
Just make a picture with the text you want to hide?
Tic-toc26 (5 years ago)
HOLY SHIT how much time did it take to do all those animations?
Aroop Roelofs (5 years ago)
"but if your using an mac, youre used to use overpriced technology" LMAO xD
Albert Einstein (5 years ago)
AudioSteganography.blogspot.in Here you can get program/software in JAVA-JAR file . . . Excellent software for Audio Steganography . . .
MrDarthXD (5 years ago)
SONIC wont work
Toomsan (5 years ago)
Portal 2 :D
Alex Kantor (5 years ago)
This could be useful in decoding pronunciation book
shanebluebutterfly (5 years ago)
0:59 BURN!!!!!!
HunterMarioWorld (5 years ago)
I started up Coagula, put in an image, then it said "Could not open", and proceeded to crash.
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
i can't help sorry
SuperstarE (2 years ago)
did you make the image black and white ? is it the right format?
Zombie Maniac (6 years ago)
now its 25
Dahmon Bicheno (6 years ago)
0:59 LOL True
Devin Bell (6 years ago)
Zachary Schroeder (6 years ago)
refurbished macs are actually quite reasonably priced.
Blue Miaou (9 months ago)
almost 2K euros for the Macbook Air, sounds reasonable.
lalalandd123 (6 years ago)
0:56 Hahaha oh man that was PERFECT!
Ambuj Chauhan (6 years ago)
Tvanom (6 years ago)
well yes,the fire rises
Harest Ation (6 years ago)
I think it depends a lot from a music to another. For instance, with FEZ soundtracks (a videogame) this settings works nice : Colour : Sunset (not so much important) Scale : dBV (very important, you'll see nothing with the others settings) - Gain property set to -9.5dB Window : 1024 - 93.75% Bins : All Bins - Log
BigManEliT3 (6 years ago)
LOL Loved the smack talk on macs haha
AndrewSouthgate (6 years ago)
BlakeTheModder (6 years ago)
ikr some people dont fricken think!
mx8manger (7 years ago)
yes you can i guess i heard of some way to do that with pictures
Sympou (7 years ago)
your mom is overpriced ;)))
kenniWORLDPEACE (7 years ago)
cool !
gravycp (7 years ago)
are you kidding me
Pilovali (7 years ago)
Or use MMSSTV, much better quality, and in color.
DerflaProductions (7 years ago)
hey what desktop video recording software do you use for those other videos?
eas872 (7 years ago)
@mcnabadl1 Make that 12!! xD
RvGnation (7 years ago)
Can you does this with gif pictures
sticler (7 years ago)
"Id asume your used to overpriced technolegy." I lold
Jub3r7 (7 years ago)
@Drivingkyle "Downloads have reached the max" for SoundCloud. The solution? If you haven't already downloaded audacity, do it now. Make sure Audacity is recording your computer's microphone, "Stereo Mix". Hit record, switch windows to SoundCloud, play the sound, and hit stop in Audacity when it's finished recording. Also use Audacity to delete the silence at the beginning and ending of the recording. Go to "File", "Export" to save the sound clip as a .wav file. Then open with Sonic Visualizer.
kingofpop472 (7 years ago)
what does mixed audio mean?
Super Help (7 years ago)
you can use Adobe Audition CS5.5 to view th secret msg
Micho.YT (7 years ago)
@minifrij it's not a joke it's that truth XD
Terry D (7 years ago)
Why do PC'ers have to hate so much. I was a PC person from the mid 80's till '09, it took awhile to see the light. The light of the glowing Apple on the back of the Mac Pro, I sold all my PC's and I'm completely Mac now. I'm always helping family and friends fix their PC's so I'm staying up to date on Windblows. But I don't go around bashing them, I just realize everyone has different taste, and some folks just like the extra grief and hassles of Windows, but I don't knock them for it. Peace!
Eric Owens (8 years ago)
tinkernut , it says embedding is disabled on this video (and most of your other videos,that i clicked on ) yet they are posted on your website ,so you might want to fix that because everytime i click on a video it says embedding has been disabled just a little tip for you
MCTakenBlade (8 years ago)
Awesome! But I experimented a bit and found a good setting to view spectographs in Sonic Visualizer. Here it is: Colour: White on Black Scale: Linear Window: Depends how big the image is Bins: All Bins, Log Thumbs up so others can see
SuperMetal07 (8 years ago)
WoW Awesome!!! Maybe Osama binladen used to communicate by this way :P :P :P jk jk jk
TheSSSFilms (8 years ago)
Ian Walton (8 years ago)
I ran the video into ffplay and the message at the start of the video is really the tinkernut logo. LOL!
Iamthemaster2 (8 years ago)
John Rimnac (8 years ago)
To overpriced? Fuck you. Go and buy one you poor kid. Lol. I just have a hackintosh dual boot. (10.6.8 + XP.)
Ian Walton (8 years ago)
use ffplay
Tommy Lowe (8 years ago)
@MegaLuka99 thanks alot
Splinxes (8 years ago)
thaats cool if ur browsers actually open like that in ur windows.

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