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Boogie Woogie Piano

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Johan Blohm from The Refreshments. Refreshments on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/31oqOoeYTFXYaENhMINVl8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Refreshments on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/se/artist/the-refreshments/id429682776?l=en
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Text Comments (3039)
StefaNN (13 hours ago)
My right ear enjoyed this video
Thepaolo98 (6 days ago)
How in the hell we stopped having these kind of songs? It was so happy and amazing!! Thats the music we need now
Danny Ruiz (10 days ago)
This dude is my favorite keyboard blues boogie player...smooth as silk...and you can tell he feels every key stroke and let's it flow...fuck'n awesome!
Jack Woods (13 days ago)
M M (16 days ago)
to die for
David Uhren (19 days ago)
His drip Level is Over 90000
Lee Tatum (21 days ago)
I don't care which way you turn this boy....upside down, right side up or if u just grab him and start shaking. The Boy Has IT, in every way possible. He's a true master of the Rockin" Blues' and it doesn't get any better no matter who tries it. My hat is off in respect, you nailed it!!!
Always Smile :D (23 days ago)
I read it 12 Hours then I realized it's 12 Years!!!!
sannys75 (28 days ago)
der Moment wenn du keine luft mehr bekommst
xxX_DaLord_Xxx (29 days ago)
Every Boogie Woogie fan: Look up "Charlie Norman", he is also from sweden. The importer of Boogie Woogie in Sweden!
Ricardo Calderon (1 month ago)
Toca superchingon ese señor Neta. Chifisisisimo.
Stép (1 month ago)
0:56 Che ci fà la Checco Zalone?
lars (1 month ago)
Is it me or does he look like he can't wait to get this song over? Almost like he doesn't enjoy playing it.
Daniel Azoulay (1 month ago)
the best one
Falco Huebner (1 month ago)
Absolut Weltklasse, oh jaaa let´s rock. Wie geil.. Respekt. Da geht man echt ab...
rickey solomon (1 month ago)
I would like to see you in tennessee
Joseph C Callahan (1 month ago)
Great sound!
Chester (1 month ago)
This so second nature to him.  He is so serious.  Great job and I could listen to him for hours.  He knows how to make a piano talk.
Thomas Salmerini (1 month ago)
This is not music This is... wow.
Bill Haley Rock (1 month ago)
Geiler Boogie Woogie.
Dominique Descottes (1 month ago)
Ce n'est pas JERRY LEE LEWIS mais ça envoi du bois A mettre dans ma play list Ça réveille, ça enchante
Alejandro Basaldúa (2 months ago)
I am paralytic, why my foot is moving?
L00p (2 months ago)
cannot understand the thousand of hater
Rickie Colwell (2 months ago)
this guy is the best!!!!!!!
rexochroy2 (2 months ago)
THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO good ,,,,,,at the heart of living human in one way or another ,,,,,,,
turntapzap (2 months ago)
I wrote to him from USA. I asked for an autograph and he sent me one!!❤🎹
anthony2_4 x (2 months ago)
Is there a tutorial for this? Holy shit!
Gilbert ENGLER (2 months ago)
Your precision and timing is 👌👌👌👌
John Corvado (2 months ago)
He is one of the lost Blues Brothers
Джек Воробей (2 months ago)
FREDERIC ESPIE (3 months ago)
Merci Just top 👍
The Official Nerds (3 months ago)
Wish I could play that at school
julien23 lastchristmas (3 months ago)
God bless America
Tri models (3 months ago)
This is what I wish to listen to in mainstream radio, not "shape of you" played 50 billion times
Jesse the person (3 months ago)
GeneSun (3 months ago)
I never get tired of this! Finest piano player on the planet.
Jimmy Johansson (3 months ago)
Made in Sweden SURAHAMMAR
The Smiling Knight (3 months ago)
oh shit he is a swede
The Smiling Knight (1 month ago)
Charles Rackley (3 months ago)
The Smiling Knight (3 months ago)
it would be sweet to dace to this xD
ThonMasterS (3 months ago)
Pretty sure the song is Johnny B Goode
chula (4 months ago)
Reynolds VidZ (4 months ago)
"Do you know boggie woggie?"
Karen Goins (4 months ago)
Could someone please tell me the name of this song? I found him on Google play store but can't find this song. I really want to buy it.
usn64711 (4 months ago)
Johan Blohm Boogie Woogie ....... (Johan Blohm and The Refreshments) From Sweden 🎹 🎤 Try Blohms Boogie also.
Lio Lio (4 months ago)
Why my ass is dancing
EaglesLair27 (4 months ago)
This guy is truly great boogie master but before everyone declares him to be the greatest, put in Liberace's boogie woe in You Tube search bar. He plays boogie 16 beats to the bar. Just fabulous!
Prächtige Komposition
Prächtige Komposition
taralafifi (4 months ago)
Probably the best Boogie Woogie piano performance on Youtube
ExoticLuck (4 months ago)
How can i learn boogie woogie?
JJC (4 months ago)
Holyyyyy shitttt
Olivia Shaw (4 months ago)
ツ(ˆ◡ˆ)【ツ】(ړ יי) OH YESssss!!!  ღ ♪ ♥╭•⊰♫....
Rafa Rodríguez (4 months ago)
2019!? 🐖🖤
conrad gomez (4 months ago)
He is good
Vanna6345 (4 months ago)
Johan Blohm is a real Master
Hunter Adams (4 months ago)
you just cant not bob your head or tap you feet to boogie woogie ecspecially when performing the song
dharryg (4 months ago)
Johan Blohm, where art thou? You have been missing for quite some time now. Your fans hope you are all right. Lycka till...
Love Beats (5 months ago)
who is here after Brendan Kavanagh ?
Adamas Sastradnya (3 months ago)
Don't bash the piano
Jared Garcia (3 months ago)
I found this after listening to him playing
rafi fahrudin (4 months ago)
Noland Rutledge (5 months ago)
That’s a lot and a lot and a lot more practice. I would bet 5-6 hours a day.
Tatjana Vladesko (5 months ago)
Прекрасная техника игры, видимо все младенчество провел за пианино , был толстым мальчуганом . КЛАСС !!!!!!!
Bosstronio7 (5 months ago)
AronappleStudios55 (5 months ago)
When you only see his face, you would think he’s reading a book🤯
Rachael Mangum (5 months ago)
Jörgen Persson (5 months ago)
1000 thumbs down ??????????????????????????
SUBSEEKER (5 months ago)
2019 ? anyone?
Billy D. Bunny (5 months ago)
Michael Franz (5 months ago)
I see this man is serious business. What a legend!
Dave’s channel (5 months ago)
Egnogg Cruz (5 months ago)
Skillful,but boring.
Andrew Campbell (6 months ago)
Short and sweet but what a rockin boogie that was!
willer04 (6 months ago)
Absolute perfection
Miklo XIII (6 months ago)
He made that piano his bitch 😁
Jean-Luc Chapelon (6 months ago)
1 lira (6 months ago)
He is playing like someone will shout him if he dont
Kit Rutendo (6 months ago)
my grandad would have loved this...he was a piano tuner who worked for a major company in the 1920's, 1930', he tuned for Nowell Coward both stage and in his own home. Also Ivan Novella, and similar acts when they were in London
Phenurio (6 months ago)
at first i was like.. "that fat fuck wont last for 1 second".. Then Reality not only hit me.. but run me over like a fuckin truck!..
jackronner (6 months ago)
What I find incredible and sad is how nearly everybody, in videos of public piano boogie, just stand around without so much as tapping a foot!! It's the most infectious beat ever, and the basis for rock and roll, and I have to pull he car over when it's on cuz I just can't sit still. What IS with these people!!!!
Mike Daniels (6 months ago)
Albert Ammons passed ou the mantle. Swedish version of the Boogie Woogie Stomp. Yeeehaaaa.
Den9082 (6 months ago)
I love it when he says at the end, "tax with you!" In fact, he is an accountant under cover.
sweedlepipe (6 months ago)
What left hand pattern is he using?
haiboriver (6 months ago)
I never know Tony Soprano is so good at piano....
Gio Gionist (6 months ago)
So many people are just victims of the blues, rock n roll, boogie woogie fever... Thank God, me too haha😎😉🙏✌️👍
R. Schwab (6 months ago)
Some of these pianos can cost as much as a house. I could never understand anyone paying so much until you hear THIS one and THIS guy. The piano has such body and depth and he is soooo good. I've got to hear this group. This man is exceptional.
Ron Roberts (6 months ago)
turmat01 (6 months ago)
I could listen to Boogie Woogie all day long! This one is particularly awesome! :P
Viking Van Man (6 months ago)
Sweet !!! Skål !!!
Carlos terán (6 months ago)
What We can tell??? That's MUSIC..that's BOGGIe..thatś all!!
Sesnor (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Nelson c (6 months ago)
Russell Buchanan (6 months ago)
Howard Manley (6 months ago)
Bodgie1960 (7 months ago)
Smoking my man 👌👌👌
Mathias Kolding (7 months ago)
Muriel Belmondo (7 months ago)
Southern Girl (7 months ago)
Jay Moh (7 months ago)
It's how he looks so emotionlss and detached, whilst bashing out this ultra cool boogie. Good job.
Van Aser (6 months ago)
The swedish way
Tabourba (7 months ago)
Giving the music everything he's got, eh? GREAT stuff!
Web Surfin (7 months ago)
Go babe... GO! WoW!!
Ray Mak (7 months ago)
Too good
James Freeman (7 months ago)
See this video at least 100 times I love it
sokkiko1 (7 months ago)
Upeaa ! Hienoa ! Bravo !
Carl Johnson (7 months ago)
This makes mi happy

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