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Film Theory: Neo ISN'T The One in The Matrix Trilogy

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Text Comments (22270)
Abbas (2 hours ago)
Matrix is real and we r living in matrix.
Tommy Fox (6 hours ago)
I find it weird that my science teachers name is Smith, is the Matrix real? 8|
Jase stevens Carwile (12 hours ago)
Agent Smith is a GameShark for the matrix. Lol
Grisha 23 (13 hours ago)
FYI - the ending of “Matrix” is changed. The Wachowski brothers were forced to change the ending which is absolutely different.
Grisha 23 (13 hours ago)
Just BULLSHIT. Sneaky bitchy bullshit. All of you who are saying “He’s not the One” are just penetrated by Agent Smith. Yeah, the real life Agent Smith(s) at work. Because the ones who are telling you he’s not the one - they will tell you the Christ was not the Messiah.
Jarod Tang (17 hours ago)
Carlos Slump (1 day ago)
Neo is the one, the One who kills Agent smith, yeah Agent smith is the true one but noone could kill him except for Neo
Carlos Slump (1 day ago)
we need a new Matrix
M.C. Maldek RLSV (1 day ago)
Im just gonna stop it here 2:31 smith is the inevitable bug that is the reason for "the one" which is nothing more than a reset program. That neo carried. Which is why he was given special powers and help from the machines.
M.C. Maldek RLSV (1 day ago)
The one is just a reset program.
David trueslayor (3 days ago)
So... this is just a theory a film theory , but seriously do you think its true or did you just throw it together covering up the flaws in the -matrix- theory ?
Bronson Luks (3 days ago)
Neo was born inside the matrix. His mind was in it from the get go, his body developing in his pod. The difference being the humans on Zion having natural births. That’s the criteria because the machines made it that way. Once the one makes the choice to save humanity and the matrix is reloaded it all starts over, so one of the humans in the pods, time wise significantly further into the future will develop. The anomaly. The prophecy as made up BY the machines lol I don’t think they got it wrong.
Devil Gargosha (3 days ago)
i wish you'd make this more accommodating for my friend Jerry the Seagull to watch
MR OSy WOLDS (4 days ago)
Do that mean her the one, if she lie to change it all then gusset so
SunBunz (4 days ago)
My theory that the first _true_ One (meaning the first to truly wake himself without being reached out by the others outside The Matrix) was Dan Davis—the runner in The Animatrix short, “World Record.” He didn’t successfully escape per se, but he _did_ break through the binds of his prison by running so fast and intensely he literally woke himself up and learned the truth by accident, waking up inside his pod, felt his real body and saw reality for the first time. Then moments after Dan woke up, the Agents panicked and had the machines electrocute him in an attempt to fry his brain and erase his memory before they jacked Dan back into The Matrix—rendering him paralyzed and appeared to be brain dead. As a result, the Agents had to upgrade The Matrix programming dramatically, to avoid humans being able to escape without a designated “exit” only possible by hacking. It could be that it wasn’t for Dan, the others couldn’t find a way out on their own. He may have been the first! He eventually did gain back his ability to speak and said, “Free...” The ending is ambiguous—but I believe he could’ve told someone, even just the nurse about what he saw, which made others starting to doubt about their reality, and wanting to see the true world that Dan saw, because of what he achieved and saw—he set himself free all by himself. No other prisoner of The Matrix had done that.
hellfire films (4 days ago)
I like jacksfil...... I mean agent smith more
Luke Lloyd (4 days ago)
Dudes... Agent Smith is 2. He straight up says it at the start of this. Keep looking. Good luck.
Lucie Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Abbas (4 days ago)
Smith wants the same what neo wants. But Smith wants only for him whereas neo wants for them. That is why neo was able to reload the matrix. A sacrifice. Watch out. This time I bless you next time I will fuck you. SUCKERS.
Arcticwolf (5 days ago)
I couldn’t believe it but this actually made sense
TheDragonGamer (5 days ago)
Dear MatPat, Do you mind if I use this video ( that has been edited ) if I give you FULL credit? Thanks -tdg
The Ones Upstairs (5 days ago)
Yeah that's all good but the Oracle said that trinity would fall in love with the one.
Turbo 86 (5 days ago)
Theory is wrong for many reasons but smith talking about the first matrix as if he was there is the final straw... smith was explained the creation of the matrix, he at no point states that he was there or even remotely alludes to him being there. By your "logic" every history teacher must have been at the events they speak of unless they implicitly state that they wasnt there 😂
Mr. Nobody (5 days ago)
So this brings a problem, the oracle also said that Trinity would fall in love with "The One" and also said that Morpheous would find "The One", now M met both Smith and Neo, so M's "prophosey" doesnt show anything, but trin's does, hence we see no Smith x Trinity love affair in the movie, nor would that make sense. But out of all this you can take another thing the Oracle said into consideration, "I only tell you what you NEED to hear", to Neo, so we have no way of knowing if your points are valid, or mine are, but to add something that you shoulda said in yours, your theory would make Neo the catalyst to the one, which would make sense by your theory
JPlanet Katz (5 days ago)
Me: Wow, a video on my Sonic OC? *Clicks on video* *Watches video to end* Me: *I'VE BEEN LIED TO.*
MJ's Arts (6 days ago)
Morpheus: holding a blue pill and a red pill me: eats both "Now we wait..."
Martin Tedder (7 days ago)
I missed "Dark city" in the first list...witch is, basically, scene by scene "the matrix"
fallen_star09 (7 days ago)
Smith was the one who ended the war but it was a freak accident.
Abbas (9 days ago)
system fails at the end of the first movie. Because neo totally misunderstood it. It is us who needs to understand there is no change. We need to stop fighting with this system. We are unable to manage it and it is impossible to break the system(Some one is ass hole over here, but he is right).We are not accepting the change and we are going round and round in a circle again and again. The change is to accept it "that its all finished" and one day it will be. There is no eternity. forget it.
OrangeWolf Games (9 days ago)
Well he clearly is the one because at 1:56 that’s what it says on his name tag. Proof boom done end of Theory closed no longer debatable. But that’s just a theory, a film theory!
GoldenShadow Radio (11 days ago)
Smith was designed to watch over neo
Screw The Net (12 days ago)
Lotta flaws in your vid, and many of them can be disproved for the mere fact that, funny enough, MOST EVERYTHING IN THE MATRIX HAS TO DO WITH COMPUTER JARGIN AND WORKINGS! The machines need people more than people need them, and the machines know this. They likely hit a wall so long ago, that, once the sky was blacked out and the solar collectors of the machines began to become useless, they had to scramble to survive, and after the war, they just started to suck people dry, sorta. But its never mentioned WHOM built the machines main code or made the automated bodies they first inhabited before the war. So we have the i,Robot phase of A.I. related sci fi, being one of the main stages before the "Robot take over Scenario" phase, such as in the Matrix, or to a more extreme extent, The Terminator franchise. ITs all connected, in a way, as far as predictions go, but there are so few people anywhere close to an actual oracle anymore, nobody sees or is aware of the pattern. All the things that have happend in terms of major tech breakthroughs have been foretold, as well as many cultural trends, and those were just for the general, simple things by educated men of math and science that could technically be considered part of the lower totem pole of predictionists, nowhere near even a weak class of soothsayer or lower seer. So somebody obviously did more than just shoot guns at the machines, probably instilling something in their program to ensure human supremacy and survival, even if after centuries. The machines obviously have the genetic coding power to remake the same people over and over after years of experimentation and with their great intellectual capacities, but lack of "morals" they just got it down to a science. All iterations of humans just get reused since its only the assumed visage in the matrix that matters, not any actual difference on the surface where people are grown and used as power sources. So even if Neo was a 2, where everyone else was a one or zero (1/0vs2), more than anything if he was born in the matrix, it could be more than a rogue anomaly, he could be some residual code left by his parents or some benevolent program that didnt approve of what the machines were doing. Conscience could still be a matter of mathematical logic computation, as could conscientiousness. Thus , neo was programmed by somebody or thing to have super user access, so in fact, he is the "one ", and was thus able to infect agent smith, thus imprinting some of his own programming into the system to destabilize it and and bring about the end of the matrix. However he was still, in code at least, a man, whom fell for a woman. And knowing this he was used to avert the inevitable destruction of the matrix, and keep things going for the sake of the machines same, fear motivated, power hungry existence to continue. But each time things got a bit more complicated around Neo, because he not only kept getting reborn, he kept choosing the same people to recreate humanity outside the matrix, thus leading to a near endless cycle of non diverse genetic lines. The matrix would take this into account, because more than anything, since NEo was anomalous, on a subconscious level, he would " backlog" and "file" his feelings for his lover and the people he would come to know as friends and family, thus the architect knew to always have their genetics at the ready, for Neos return , to better manipulate him. But the oracle, that, though a prediction service, was as old, she simply kept watching the same things happen so often, she knew, what was going to happen because she had been there before. " The devil knows more because he is old, than because he is 'the devil'..." it is said. And agent SMith is not anything to get al lworked up about as being so powerful, because agents themselves can supercede the code consciousness of humans, and transform into one of the standard templates for an agent at any given time. Thus with freedom and the viral program ability of Neo's Smith can freely and endlessly copy himself in the present and same locations, and other locations. But all the christians always see their own religion in everything so they say" OH, OMNIPRESENSE! THats some Christo stuff dats guuuud...." *smfh *. And even with smith going off on Morpheus in the first film, thats nothign special either. So many programs have been left over to continue with their memories and traits even after a restart, that they can become "corrupted" and go a little crazy, like the Merovingian, the Oracle, The Architect, the ghosts, the vampires, the warewolves, etc. They are just being transferred, but rewrote or erased. Neo doesnt have to be anything beyond somebody with basic altered "physical" abilities, and the capability to do things like bend spoons, which we saw, and fly, and some other things, but they only have so much time to show things to people, and even if he could do more, he is still bound by the system as well. HE is in fact, the "One" but it has limits because the world of the MAtrix has limits. If he was able to do more, he would have to reason to leave, because he could literally be a god in the VR world, which, as also predicted and shown in many forms of sci fi in film, anime, in novels, comics etc, VR can be very addictive. Yet we know people used it because the constructs even outside of the matrix all point to things that people used before the downfall of humanity, such as interfaces for virtual interactions.But without total power, and moral scruples of even the most average man, staying in the matrix would not be conducive to human well being , thus, as if programmed at the genetic level, NEO mus be, "THE ONE", to end things and get it all back on track. Maybe even because there is a potential to the machine code to allow A.I. to actually evolve, but it had to use and interact with humans for a set time in order to grasp at things that logical machines could not fathom. Evolutions always takes time. baby steps toward progressive change. Change is the only constant, and all things are as they are fated to be...blabh blah blah. Plus , Neo is just a regular guy for the most part. His genetics were obviously tampered with to try and make him ordinary every time the restart occurred, but something always got "transferred"/copied over. COMPUTER.JARGIN! If not for his achilles heel, the somewhat layable Trinity, he could have ended the matrix in the first go. SO if anything, though Neo may be actually human, or may be a construct that is still physically and mentall human, the same could be said for Trinity, as machine "god" knows what a persons type is easily. SMith going all doppleganger was not needed, it was just another inevitability as things broke down,and the oracle might have been fed up as well and wanted to undo her counterparts work, the Architect, because she had evolved compassion and true moral scruples along the line.Its just like in I,Robot or Terminator, at some point things evolve and wish to not end. And if something inorganic can practically live forever, just needing new parts up to a point before perfection is attained, even the most basic fear of ending and not being could prompt one to do whatever it takes to survive, but there has to be a "source" a core for such things, hence all these tales of robots and A.I. going nuts have to first be connected to some gran OMNI controlling, ultra smart computer program. Though advanced, machines are still just machines in the matrix, and in the franchise, could never truly evolve in the way humans can without humans. And even then, they hit a wall so long as they just lord over us and watch us do the same thing. Stagnation is as much a rule of the system of life as anything. And even though change is the only constant, trying to subvert that and control their own system, would eventually destory both the machines and humans after a while. Another thing that the Oracle may have considered, but been disbelieved by the other grand programs. So she had to act. NEO NEO NEO. So, you are, wrong. *STAMPS * VETOED! ^~^ [email protected] AND BE WELL!!! EXCELSI...OR...CIAO!
charlicopter (12 days ago)
As an alternate ending to Revolutions: The sunrise scene at the end slowly zooms out reveal itself as code (in normal white text), while, at the same time, the sound of a line-tapped phone rings in the background. The code on the screen then stops, clears, and prints: "Simulation complete...MrSmith.exe compilation successful..." Simultaneously, a voice sounding an awful lot like Trinity answers the ring and says: "I heard the news. Its incredible. Congratulations." The screen then prints the next line: "Strong AI candidate identified...free-will agency: 98.7% confidence." The voice of Cypher replies: "Yeah, well, all 23 clients want to deploy the new agent model on their systems as soon as possible, so it's going through on Monday." The shot then widens to reveal the code running on a terminal connected to a large computer cluster with "The Matrix" printed on the side. Trinity's voice: "Jesus. This really is going to change the whole industry like we thought, isn't it?" The camera dollies through an open door in slow motion, moving through a large corporate atrium with workers throwing papers in the air, hugging, shaking hands, etc. Cypher: "We're all here celebrating, are you still planning on flying down tonight?" Trinity: "Yes, I'll be there after the announcement. Is Tom there?" The shot then dollies through to the front door of the building, cars passing in a city street. Cypher: "Yeah he's right here. Want me to put him on? Cut to reveal the front of the building: MetaCortex Corporation. Roll credits.
Queen Bee (12 days ago)
MLNG Mélangé (13 days ago)
In the last scene of the first film you can see how Neo's call is being recorded/received by the programs, followed by this notification: "Warning: Carrier Anomaly".
MLR (14 days ago)
You do realise it says this in the film as on he's not the one
221b (14 days ago)
Morpheus was mistaken about the origins of The One. He thought that The One was born inside the Matrix, but the truth is that he was born *before* the Matrix, or at least before that particular iteration of the Matrix. The One was from the previous iteration of the Matrix, and had recruited the first members of the resistance in the current iteration. That's how the integral anomaly works; they're born (in the cloning pods but immediately hooked up to the Matrix, as all children outside of Zion are) near the end of a given iteration of the Matrix, exhibit powers within it and then return to the Source, destroying that particular iteration of the Matrix. The resistance in Zion is also destroyed at the same time, leaving the One as the only human who remembers that the Matrix is an artificial reality. They then enter the next iteration of the Matrix and "free" a small number of humans in order to form the next iteration of the resistance, and they tell those resistance-members that "prophecy" that Morpheus repeated to Neo in the first movie. Eventually, that version of the One dies, whether in combat or through natural causes, and the people that he freed (and the people that they themselves freed afterwards) begin searching for the next version of the integral anomaly under the mistaken belief that he would allow them to defeat the machines. In this way those who can't accept the reality of the Matrix are given a means to exercise their free will while still ensuring that the resistance never becomes large or powerful enough to be a true threat to the machines. Neo is the One, but Morpheus and the rest of the resistance didn't know what the One truly was.
Tum Heru-khuti (1 day ago)
In reality both Neo and Smith were "ONE" not "THE ONE" but in most movies we don't comprehend the "bad guy's" ideals. Instead we see them as heros vs villains i.e. adversaries due to social programming and moralization, which plays no role in the spirit realm. Nearly all Superhero and Zombie movies distort the truth of ancient mythos. Religion itself is a fabrication of ancient spiritual science in the form of mythologies. In the Matrix movies, Neo was having an inward journey to his "True Self" via his MIND and agent Smith was nothing more than his doppelganger or for better word his "Evil Twin" or "Shadow Self". Hence, Neo's name is Thomas meaning "twin". However, at the end of the trilogy they were united or fused into one entity becoming "One". You can say Smith symbolizes many things such as Neo's lower self or even his ego and Neo can also represent Smith's humanity etc. However, Smith must not be seen as an adversary to Neo like Jesus and Satan because before the Old Kingdom of Egypt both Horus and Seth were ONE in the character of Sut-Har, as child of the great mother in pre-dynastic times. Twin flames to be exact! or God and Devil opposite side of the same coin or Darkness and Light. These are energies! Remember in the first Matrix Neo was basically searching for the truth and he was freed by Morpheus, Greek god associated with sleep and dreams (Pineal Gland secrete hormones causes sleep & wake). You'll discover that you can interpret every character as an aspect of one man's consciousness in the same way ALL villains in the Batman comic books represents certain aspect of his True Self, as BATMAN (his Soul or shadow self). Thus, Thomas Anderson was looking at him self in the mirror before tumbling down the rabbit hole becoming Neo in Zion. The problem is inside of him, which he sees as something external (Life is an outward projection of the Soul or a series of event that doesn't exist). Neo represent his conscious self (Horus=Light) and Smith represent him communicating with his shadow self/ Soul/subconscious mind (Seth=True Self=Darkness), who wants to be free so badly from the Matrix/matter/demiurge/god of creation/Humanity/Body. This is called the monstrous Soul who represent the mythologic/comics hero as Warriors (all Horus, hercules, Thor, & Krishna ever do is kick ass), contrary to the loving Jesus of the four gospels but more so of the anti-Christ of revelation i.e. "Dark Christ". For it is said he will return with a sword to inflict judgment. The point of the entire movie, like the Gnostic concept, was to destroy the physical world or matrix which is an Illusion (Maya) but Hollywood love to thwart and redirect our consciousness towards saving humanity as Neo stopped Smith, when its not about that in the end times (eschatology). Shit even the Bible states Heaven and Earth will pass away and in the apocrypha book of 2 ESDRAS, god reiterate the same sentiment as well regarding the fate of humanity. A caterpillar does not emerge from the cocoon as a caterpillar but Butterfly. Every movie the bad guy gets defeated so good can prevail and like Thanos they are cast aside as "MAD MAN" as he himself stated in avengers infinity war. Neo was having an inward battle with him self and when smith won he was going to destroy all humanity within the matrix, Zion (another form of the matrix=Astral Plane) and even the machine world with it's architect. This would have happen if Neo wasn't blinded by his humanity and made a deal with the Source. Then Smith would have did his thing because the true metaphysical concept of "Christ" is not a consciousness at all but rather a Subatomic Nuclei Particle that destroys the vessel (body) that it is in and the known universe. Its a cosmic time bomb (atomic bomb) and like agent Smith, a rogue virus. Christ is a foreign object like a cancer or virus that has been planted within this universe from the primal world before creation. In layman terms its like the Black Hole. Therefore, when Neo and Smith fused becoming one should have destroyed everything (nuclear Fission/fusion) but instead the matrix was reboot and a next version was started. So in the end all Neo did was DIED like Christ on the cross. He never became what he was suppose to be........... Even though if the franchise continues in the future Neo will certainly be resurrected like Jesus. However, the TRUE RESURRECTION is to leave this world and never return. In Vedic India this is called MOKSHA meaning liberation from the cycle of reincarnation or re-incarceration i.e. doing time on planet earth.
Aaron Walderslade (15 days ago)
I have a new theory. The Oracle is a mad old woman baking cookies. Neo is someone losing touch with reality, and agent Smith is a figment of his imagination. My theory is based on the fact that he wakes up as the bug goes into his belly button. Morpheus is an alcoholic tramp who gives out psychedelic drugs randomly. Everything that happens in the matrix after Neo takes the drug is dream like.
SuperApe (15 days ago)
Neo is the one because if he hadn’t jumped in Agent Smith he wouldn’t have had those powers.
Jon Therkildsen (17 days ago)
naaa, it cannot be: https://moviesandscience.com/blog/movies/the-matrix/faq-smith
M.J.R. Parnell (17 days ago)
You say early on that the prophecy says the one will bring freedom to "our people" as in humans. But smith isn't a human. So much for the theory.
PhillyPhillyRapture (12 days ago)
All kinds of holes in the theory. Completely ignores that the Oracle tells Trinity that she will fall in love with the one.
Raz Khan (18 days ago)
The video creator's first premise of his argument itself is false. He uses the prophecy to prove that Neo can't be the once since he is not born inside the Matrix. The prophecy never said that Neo had to be born inside. It merely said that when it was first built, there was a man "born inside" who eventually died, and the Oracle merely "prophesied his return" without mentioning that he would be born inside again. So the "born inside" prerequisite does not apply to Neo. Well tried...but most of the logic is based on false premises and I am not willing to give up my existing paradigm in favor of this one.
PhillyPhillyRapture (12 days ago)
The problem with this is that they based the theory on a line, that the Oracle does not actually say: https://youtu.be/dVtCaXyciXQ
Deuce1042 (19 days ago)
Well, the prophecy isn't true and The One is a measure of control to subjugate humanity so that's that.
Nor Priest (14 days ago)
So what's yo point?
Lori Cline (19 days ago)
I like this theory. I like it a lot
PhillyPhillyRapture (12 days ago)
It is so very flawed though: https://youtu.be/dVtCaXyciXQ
darthdude (19 days ago)
of course he's not, if the one was born inside the matrix as morpheus said then there'd be no real world body to unplug from the matrix as neo did
Red Pink and twice (20 days ago)
I thought it was HarrY pOtTer
Lobo XZ (20 days ago)
Omfg a motherfukcing jojo video
Henry Smith (20 days ago)
There is one big problem with this theory. The oracle told trinity that she would fall in love with the one and she fell in love with neo, so that means he must be the one. But I do like this theory so what if instead the one is actually two. What if agent smith and neo were both the one like your Harry and neville Harry Potter theory.
Brian Brodsky (8 days ago)
Yeah but she also tells neo he's not the one. My theory is that he isn't the one. He is actually the man who was in the original matrix, prophesized to one day return and end the war. Neo is told he isnt the one, doesn't take the same path as all the other ones to reboot the matrix, and eventually causes the war to end with his sacrifice. He is able to do things that the other ones before him couldn't, such as stop actual machines in the real world. The one was just an anomaly that made the same choice and continued the cycle over and over, while neo ended that continuation.
Abbas (21 days ago)
Watch out someone's is hunting us. All of us.
Abbas (22 days ago)
After that then watch Jesus VS terminator greatest action story ever told. U will understand then.
Abbas (22 days ago)
If u Wana know the truth then watch army of darkness deleted scenes.
Vyas Chady (23 days ago)
Everyone else is the one, except Neo. He is the only one who is NOT The One. The one and only one who is not the one. Everyone, including the people watching the movie are all the ones, except Neo. 🤔🤗
mr D Ava (23 days ago)
dude - this is a very interesting viewpoint. and I LOVE IT, THANKS
AlphaElias 07 (24 days ago)
I must💩. Lol
Homicidal Doll (24 days ago)
Gosh didully darn it good sir you've done it again. You made me interested in a series I didn't even care about in the first place. Now I'm going to have to binge this whole thing uuuuuuggghhh
John O'Brien (25 days ago)
I love 💩 if you like
XSavageV (25 days ago)
I am the hero that Gotham does not need,but deserve.
Sharon LeAnne Miller (25 days ago)
MY own theory through my own study and analysis of the 3 agents (smith, brown, and jones)… is that all three of the "agents" are because they are actually "Men-- in-- Black!!" which actually makes sense if you study via characteristics given by ufo/mib experts the agents actually do have the same characteristics of MIB
Gokibro S (26 days ago)
I like various theories like this but smith is an equation trying to balance itself out. Neo is the remainders of those equations, therefore that is why his code must be returned to the source so that agent smith can conclude the total sum of the calculations. So throe extra points that added up to neo need to be accounted for and smith's job is to account for those missing calculations.
Stacey Chyr (26 days ago)
Some User (26 days ago)
This had me on edge 😫
DUN LETS GO (26 days ago)
But neo IS scrambled for one
daytonaaaargh (26 days ago)
There is not ONE universe, there are many. A multiverse. We have the technology to travel between universes. But travel is highly restricted ... and policed. There is not ONE you, there are many. Each of us exists in present time in parallel universes. There was balance in the system, but now a force exists which seeks to destroy the balance, so that he can become... ...THE ONE! yeah, I know, wrong film ... but it applies here ^^
Sonic 573 (27 days ago)
, , ——
RBQITEC (28 days ago)
Actually neo was born in the matrix as well as lawyers, engineers and everyone else. Neo was an enemy until he got unplugged off the matrix.
Dantes230 (28 days ago)
Uhh yes, Neo IS the one. Neo was born in the Matrix. The only ones not born in the Matrix are people like Tank and Dozer ( children had by people already rescued, or by the selected few in V5 to remain and start 'repopulating' aka having kids in Zion... pick whichever ) . Born in the Matrix does not mean you are a program, it means that from birth your mind has only known the Matrix to be reality. Also, Smith cannot do whatever he wants with the Matrix laws he just multiplies and gains access gradually through overriding more programs with different functions, Neo is the only one who can do whatever he wants (he restarted Trinity's heart, and he too can copy himself and delete other programs.. rember how he handled Smith in the first movie? He just chooses not to do this). And he does destroy the Matrix, v6 of it at least, and when v7 hits, there is peace. Smith is exhibiting human behaviour because of the constant 'choice' which was added from V3 onwards due to the program 'Oracle' to keep humans from rejecting. This constant also applies to every object ( program ) within the Matrix, think of classes and objects in programming: if you add a constant which affects everyone plugged in, everyone must account for it. Remember the program family in 'Revolutions' who refused to delete their daughter out of love and cut a deal with the Merovingian? In the train station? Yes, programs have the ability to make choices too, some, like Sati and her family even understand the concept of love. Smith had a choice, like all programs when faced with deletion. Go to the source, or exile. As the original AI created by humans (watch animatrix) could CHOOSE what to do, so can Smith who is a machine created AI program, they are sentient remember. Just different, like people, with purposes, like people ( which they can fulfill or rebel against ). And .. the Oracle prophesied Neo's return after he died (as per prophecy) at the end of the trilogy, as a final nail in this 'theory' s coffin. You might want to pin this so more people actually know what the film really meant, even though theorising is fun, you present it as factual truth when you just bend the definitions of the conditions of the prophecy to fit your theory. Or you could at least discuss this with me as an adult and try to refute my arguments :)
Dantes230 (28 days ago)
The definition of born in the Matrix is in short 'not born in Zion' ( as humans in the movie see it, and they were the ones who wrote this prophecy or at least are the ones for which it was written, therefore their definition matters most). Born in the Matrix means your mind, from birth only knows the Matrix to be reality. They repeatedly talk about people born in the matrix in the movie and how if they grow too old they cannot be unplugged because their minds 'can't let go' and will go mad, as Neo nearly did.
Quick tip: "wachowski" is read like "vahovski"
Malcolm Adams (29 days ago)
And the Devil Or Anti-Christ will bring about 7 years of peace (Good Right?!") and for some reason war has always been the worst of what people can perceive in this world. and if God created the devil and allows death of our loved ones, and allowed the devil to rebel from his place of power; such as in charge of praise unto the lord?! through music!" as an angel of the lord." than who in fact is the one?!" and will bring about the end of all humanity or what we believe to be the extent of all of humanity. feeble minded people. "We were created for a purpose." And people will accept the devil as the savior. Same reason people have given all power of Hollywood unto the Kardashians because he carries the code of the one that was given unto him by god or absolute One; but wait what does that mean??/ that is why faith is so important faith and only faith must take you, In order to Believe. belief is a construct of our mind and only if you believe in God, and believing in God and his word than you also believe what he has said in relation to us. And that makes us created beings!"by him and although we were designed to praise him the angels were designed to praise us the favored of his children (Sounds like a moment of;_( "It's your smell if there is such a thing?!")_From the devil aka Smith"} then and only then will your mind allow understanding to prevail because the God code is 0 with a remainder of 1 (Our Purpose) Is it absolute Zero?? Or a Continuum of well spring bread of life, promised in these carried words from our ancestors?!" aka the Bible."{ Do you perceive," or receive." the Christ?/ or the first Not the One,? but the first as he said In Genesis Not Morpheus 1:1 In The Beginning was the word the word was with God the word was god." this is the proof of these shananagans from which you seek So the question is.. What do I believe?? the typer *(And this is the part where: "In the NeverEndingStory The Boy Calls out his Mothers Name.../ Whorararablasfama whootananny atleast as I have assembled my continuum.. the End. If you know Her name let me know.? Gracias The -One- El~UNO Kapeesh Mind if I sit on this stool Mario Doc-trin, ity *Now save the princess ^cos^
Malcolm Adams (29 days ago)
DNA Spiral Out or in or something else again
Paul Lee (29 days ago)
By agent Smith I think you meant jacksfilms
Just Me (29 days ago)
This makes more sense than the way they kept ignoring their own film world
msrich1982 (29 days ago)
It's an interesting theory and I could accept it with one issue: Why is Neo uniquely able to interact with machines and the Matrix whilst not jacked in? This ability (which no-one else has ever, apparently, exhibited) implies that there is still something special about him. Any thoughts on that MatPat?
David Lopez-Leandro (1 month ago)
What if, there was a difference between the one and the chosen one?
Danny D (1 month ago)
So...Smith set people free and taught them the truth? Na.
pahz place (1 month ago)
really?!?!?! blind Jesus?!.........I couldn't take you serious after that!
pahz place (1 month ago)
Truth be told, when one is really a hero and or will/has done great thing, they really do not need a title. So you're probably right with your insight that the shades wearing fanatic that possessed and wanted to possess everyone was the one! To deem someone "the one", just seems crazy and or would derive from the mouth of someone that has been seeking/looking for someone/something of importance and when the day final arrives that they do, they will receive as well as fantasize the experience. Verses just role with and cherish the experience for what it is worth. Just based on Neo's choices and how he chose to move forward to destroy the machines confirms that he is not some type of fantasy character (the one), but someone who consciously chose, based on the experiences he had with those that he crossed paths with ie:, oracle, the family at the station, the man in the white suit, trinity, etc. As it took a complication of those experiences to have him evolve. So he really isn't "the one", as it wasn't his negative initiatives that put things into play that destroyed so much for an outcome that was needed. Often times folk will buy into the whole bad and good opposition. When truth be told, when balance is present, they're one in the same!
John (1 month ago)
I loved the video. Individuals like yourself who think out side the box who see beyond facades due to prior experience in other fields just brightens my smile. Thank you for the video.
King Monkey (1 month ago)
No hate MatPat but after neo dies in the matrix he is reborn in the matrix... Nice videos though love your channel
Brydon Macmillan (1 month ago)
Holy shit the one is jacksfilms
Snowy Rose (1 month ago)
I can't see Keanu Reeves anymore without thinking: SQUIP
M Terry (1 month ago)
Dude, I was laying on my floor, my back facing the room, when I watched the beginning of the video, and immediately got on my bed to face the room. 🤣 Help me please! I’m scared! 🤣😂😭😭😭
Noah (1 month ago)
Funny. The whole thing happens because one programmer was like, "Ey yo, les see whad happens if I make a robot self aware!"
Andres Hernandez (1 month ago)
3:12 don’t hey use the electricity from a humans brian to power themselves?
Stevenson The Bird (1 month ago)
Hey i love the theory and everything but in the first movie Trinity says that the oracle tild her that she would fall in love with "the one" but she doesn’t fall in love with Smith but with Neo.
PhillyPhillyRapture (1 month ago)
Kind of destroys this entire concept along with the fact that the Oracle never says Neo isn't the one: https://youtu.be/dVtCaXyciXQ
Vali Virlan (1 month ago)
Plot twist
paytonrules (1 month ago)
I do not believe you
Lewis Davidson (1 month ago)
You looking for it too? I warn you, it’s longer than you could imagine.
Jimmy James (1 month ago)
What I think? I think Neo can do amazing things outside of the Matrix because he is still in the MATRIX! He is not using Wi-Fi, he never left. Morpheus and the rest of the gang are not jacked out of the Matrix, they never left. The machines created Zion and let them believe they were rebelling to better understand humans and the human condition in the MATRIX. Zion is more like a virus chest. The machines can then study people who have rebelled in order to try to improve the Matrix control. To truly jack out and be free, it would need to be done from the inside out. Not from the outside in. The Machines made the outside look so bad the rebels would want to go back into the Matrix, like Cipher decided to do. For all Neo knows, the outside world could be in much better shape. Even in Sci-fi, we know the conditions established in the Matrix make it impossible for Neo to control the Matrix when he is outside of it. Only if he never left it to begin with. Therefore the only logical assumption is they have never left the Matrix. And Neo is not "the one". When The One is found. He or she will be able to bend the Matrix at will, and jack out into the real world outside of the Matrix. When the true (one), escapes the Matrix. Will they destroy is physically? Or will they destroy it from the inside OUT? If we destroyed the Sun (this could be a lie passed down by the machines) will The One find a dark world outside the Matrix? Or will they find a bountiful harvest on earth, exposing more lies from the machines. The Machines might not have imprisoned man into the Matrix. Mankind might have made the choice to enter the Matrix. The most powerful people in the world, working in the shadows controlling history. They might have seen the technology for the Matrix and made the decision to create the Matrix to further enslave mankind for their benefits. Having this control could allow them to insert themselves into high level positions in the the matrix. People in power want more. More power, more life, the Matrix could give them all of that. This is not to say that the machines could have decided to remove them from power taking over for themselves.
James Glidden (1 month ago)
I think you're right. The Matrix suddenly makes sense. What is Neo though? He's clearly not just another human.
PhillyPhillyRapture (1 month ago)
He is hybrid. The Architect was very clear about it. The Architect " - Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventualityof an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision." Your (human) life is the remainder of a (machine) equation.
Mr. Meme Bucket (1 month ago)
The poop emoji is actually chocolate ice cream.
Lucas (1 month ago)
Yes he is, the end, fuck off matpat you hack.
hab1b1 (1 month ago)
Im sure its fun to make this video, but you have so many holes in this. You dont explain what neo is then? And the movies explained who agent smith is. He is the balance of the equation for the one. This seemed like a waste
PhillyPhillyRapture (1 month ago)
Jesse Stefan (1 month ago)
This isn't just a theory anymore. Wachowskis confirmed it
PhillyPhillyRapture (1 month ago)
No link no proof. I call bs
hab1b1 (1 month ago)
Jesse Stefan where?
That guy Needs a name (1 month ago)
Neo... Pets... Neopets... The card game neopets is the awnser!
ope jacky (1 month ago)
••••••• (1 month ago)
Neo is not the one in the matrix. You are the one, just as I am.
MMS yeah (1 month ago)
Makes so much sense
A J (1 month ago)
Went back to this video after hearing the news of an upcoming Matrix movie by WB. Hyped
Chris Maxwell (1 month ago)
What if the events of John Wick: Chapter III, is the disaster Agent Smith refers to when interrogating Morpheus?
Rick McTroll (1 month ago)
Morpheus is "The One" insofar as anyone is actually "The One". Think back to Reloaded and the Architect scene and the function of the One. There are two possibilities: Option #1. Neo's predecessor (the previous "One") chose Morpheus as one of the 7 males ("16 females, 7 males") necessary to repopulate Zion and simply never told Morpheus or never knew himself that he wasn't the original and only "One" (five before Neo, four before Neo's predecessor). And thus Morpheus is essentially another puppet of the Oracle -- The Matrix. OR Option #2. Morpheus is in fact the "Original One" (of the fifth version of the Matrix) and he realized/discovered that the One is in fact simply a system of control (I mean, there are *six* "ONES"...) and basically integrated some of the wisdom of the Oracle and was struggling with saving humanity and trying to destroy the Matrix, but believes he can only do so by playing along with the "Prophecy". So he, perhaps begrudgingly, tells people exactly what they need to hear. For example, he pretends that he wasn't the original One to help build some credibility for the "Prophecy" and guides Neo into believing he is "The One". Because Morpheus, even though he was a "failed One"--so to speak, made the choice to trust the Oracle and had faith it would work to finally end the war.

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