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How to Hide Private Folders and Files

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Text Comments (110)
Discipline Coding (1 month ago)
Leave that poor fat guy hidden always please!
sahil fazli (2 months ago)
Darren Rishi Narine (2 months ago)
Thank you.
khoubeib jlidi (3 months ago)
ty man
Godson God (4 months ago)
very good job
Jheson Ortiaga (5 months ago)
bro is it the same if ur hiding a movie or videos?
freekzak z (5 months ago)
Call him big guy NOT fat. Next time please try to avoid examples with real people.
karim ullah (6 months ago)
Brilliant video ♡♡
Rhq gsWalker (7 months ago)
Free Folder Hider: http://www.gilisoft.com/free-folder-hider.htm
Rhq gsWalker (7 months ago)
Free Folder Hider: http://www.gilisoft.com/free-folder-hider.htm
Rhq gsWalker (7 months ago)
Free Folder Hider: http://www.gilisoft.com/free-folder-hider.htm
Goth Boy (7 months ago)
Who is here 'cause porn!? 😈😂😂
Tbonz Joseph (8 months ago)
Nightingale Alse (8 months ago)
thankuuuuu sooo much.........
Gs Status bazar (1 year ago)
See these video to hide fileshttps://youtu.be/AQkMuuKPdzg
Robert Corbell (1 year ago)
Sir, you are a lifesaver!!! This shall be used for whenever I go to get my computer fixed and don't want the Geek Squad guy snooping through my deviant goodies without my permission. :)
Daniyal Khan (5 months ago)
can you tell me how?
JAFFER Sadhik Jaffer (1 year ago)
thanks for the video
Navneet Rajput (1 year ago)
RADÖRNIC (1 year ago)
my aunt owns this laptop she might see all the sexy photos i downloaded
RADÖRNIC (1 year ago)
RADÖRNIC (1 year ago)
that didnt really help that was not what im looking for but you get my like
Sridhar Gopal (1 year ago)
Charles Spurjeon (1 year ago)
That's a neat little trick. But, if the other person enables 'Show hidden folders' then you'll be doomed... So the best way to hide the folder completely is to use the command prompt. type, 1) attrib +s +h "folder path goes here" this command completely hides the folder and cannot be seen even if the "Show hidden folders" radio icon is selected. To make your folder visible again, just put the same code in the command prompt except with a slight change by replacing the plus sign with the negative sign like this; 2) attrib -s -h "folder path goes here". Hope this trick will help.....
Tyrone Militar (1 year ago)
WHAT IF YOUR GF KNOW THIS THINGS :D useless she can unhide and hide the files in the control pannel :D
zaeem butt (1 year ago)
Tech Category (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/glmLalCQZmM FOlder hide करने का नया तरीका।।
Jr Bruno (1 year ago)
Thanks very help full,I dont hidde nothing just love my stuff very private.
foday kamara (1 year ago)
thanks it's wonderful
Vicvic Yonoga (1 year ago)
mike addis (1 year ago)
tnx man it helped me
Kulwinder Saini (1 year ago)
thnxx dude
AZE 01 (2 years ago)
what if he or she searches it in the computer
Asif Jammu (2 years ago)
nice video
suren limbu (2 years ago)
what the fuck u always saying x-gf,,, go to matter direct & easy way,,
Kiran Thapa (2 years ago)
what if there is no properties after clicking right button
SWAT _101 (2 years ago)
nice, now i can hide porn
Robert Corbell (1 year ago)
Why do you think most of us looked this up? ;)
WHOMANSISTHIS (2 years ago)
LGS Gaming303 facts bro LMAO
symon risal (2 years ago)
and nice trick
symon risal (2 years ago)
how to make lenovo tab 5.0.2 in ios 10
ami gi (2 years ago)
nice trick it works
Ghi Nha Kobayashi (2 years ago)
thank you so much
DarkSwam56 (2 years ago)
LIFE SAVER dude! I just decide to go with the method where you change the icon and then i rename it to something like "hgtdhs" and put it to some place no one gives a shit abt except me LOL :D
Dreadnod Anonymous (3 years ago)
Pfffffff this is for noobz. Learn to use CMD noobz
thanks very much bro you rock!
MUHTASHIM NASIM (3 years ago)
thanks broo
Nanka_ cm19 (3 years ago)
Thanks you so much
I meow a LOT (3 years ago)
yass thanks so much
Bhavesh Dodeja (4 years ago)
Thank you very much.. This video is very helpful for me....
Jonrie Channel (4 years ago)
Thank your much im Subscribe You
thenewboston = Now, when you're all alone. You feel free to look at all the FAT guy pics. LOL!
FleX iTun (5 years ago)
Thanks :3
danooy sharif (5 years ago)
thank you!!
How To - Tricks (5 years ago)
Nice!!! watch?v=WeduOXZ9J7s
james Phillips (6 years ago)
Only good thing about windows
thanks now i can finally have porn on my laptop and my mom wont find it:)
floris van gogh (6 years ago)
This shit is funny:P
Sooraj Sathyan (6 years ago)
watch this video watch?v=QA2jtdsUoRg
Hammad Ali TV (6 years ago)
thnkx man.:)
jah vibes (6 years ago)
hahaha mom wont find my porn videos anymore :P
DET zone records (6 years ago)
really<<<really cool
inshard mohamed (6 years ago)
tnx dude
jimmy molero (6 years ago)
valroger sajulga (6 years ago)
thanks dude
_ _xxJermy (6 years ago)
Visoth (6 years ago)
I dont see a customize option :\ anyone know why?
jonver87 (7 years ago)
(faster way) in folder press ALT/tools/folder options/view :)
Percival Buncab (7 years ago)
@thenewboston , man seriously I don't have my Control Panel I don't know if I'm dumb but I can't see my Control Panel Help plsss..... tnx. :|
Grover895 (7 years ago)
Very informative and well presented ...particularly as there was no loud rock music or 'Rap'..Well done.
Ty DeLaRosa (7 years ago)
Hey there new Boston. Can you tell me how I can save a picture so that when I send it to some one via e-mail they will not be able to copy it or save it when they right click the photo. I know how to save it as a jpeg etc.. I just can't figure out how to keep anyone I am sending jpeg photos to from coping it or printing or saving it. Can you help? Thanks a bunch..
rambod pbd (7 years ago)
make your folder icon to nothing then hit num lk and hold ALT then inter 255(kii) for name that is it
Slender Man (7 years ago)
@satiric0n ROFL yes LMAO xD
Slender Man (7 years ago)
you so fucked the dude who sent the message if his girlfriend know his youtube name and she watched the video xD
Joseph Movla (8 years ago)
nice 13hara13 lol his gf not gonna find outt
adeeply (8 years ago)
okay...wats with the dickfinale? lol
Alex Lethbridge (8 years ago)
Im glad you did it this way rather than ,do you want to hide your "Work Stuff" haha
shadowniteALX (8 years ago)
your the best!
DragonDeathMage (8 years ago)
WoW ftw (saw the icon)
vandermurfy (9 years ago)
thanks, the instructions were succinct, no blaring heavy metal music to distract one's self, hope you have more tutorials
xcehr9 (9 years ago)
.. umm.. you look at fat men?
Eddy Unknown (9 years ago)
PosterStudios (9 years ago)
That's not the best way to do it. What if I want to keep the hidden files shown? I always keep those on.
Johnathan M (9 years ago)
Niv Edni (9 years ago)
dude you can just change the icon to noth (that invissible thini) and then write in the name ALT + 0160 like hold the ALT then press 0 then let go of the 0 and press 1 then let go of the 1 and press 6 then let go of the 6 and press again 0 then let go of the 0 and then let go of the ALT
inam0001 (10 years ago)
lol,,wat a fat guy!!!!!!!!
Gorion79 (10 years ago)
Thanks Bucky, I've been wondering how to do this.
Lydia's Corner (10 years ago)
Oh sound like u're the only smart ass here!!!
HaloHamstur (10 years ago)
Samsung HP?
HaloHamstur (10 years ago)
hes a gamer i guess lol
obviousgeneralname (10 years ago)
Ha! Bucky plays WoW! 1:25
Jorik the Dude (10 years ago)
You can now download Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 This is a folder which can be protected by a password. With this nobody can have access to that folder.
codwwheadquarters (10 years ago)
How to hide a Local Disk (C:) in my computer? And how to unhide a Local Disk (C:) in my computer? How to ghost a hard drive to another cpu or hard drive (computer)? If you know how to hide a local disk (C:) and unhide, will you please teach me or upload a tutorial video how to hide and unhide a local disk (C:) And please teach me how to ghost a hard drive to another cpu or hard drive (computer) Thank you.....
kris bos (10 years ago)
wow... you have a very large hard drive capacity there with 931 GB
Lydia's Corner (10 years ago)
I think she would click on that folder first even though u've changed the icon _ _ ! Wouldn't it be strange if the printer has a name "SECRET"??? I would click on that first if I were her XDXDXD
Ralajer (10 years ago)
Yeah that's a pretty cool trick. Jimmyrcom's channel has a pretty good tutorial on how to do it. watch?v=q6AQL55zMR4
Ralajer (10 years ago)
I am not 100% sure but based on the Camtasia Studio 5 icon on his desktop and my own use of that software I would say that is what he is using. It's made by TechSmith you can download a 30-day trial version of Camtasia Studio 6.
kasen (10 years ago)
would you mind telling me what software you use to record your screen? Thanks Kasen
Cutler George (10 years ago)
you say folder weird lol
Sorin M (10 years ago)
OMG u saved my life and now I can hide the secret stuff from my very annoying and curious mom and congrats on the other tutorials I mean they really help me now I'm learning php great job dude keep up the good work
FAB12UCB (10 years ago)
or you can just hide the whole folder
Speckleton (10 years ago)
you could also use the program "Free Hide Folder" it works quite well, and it requires a custom password to use, great for security
Cypriotkiller (10 years ago)
:P lol
percast (10 years ago)
lol it must be 'cause of that XD

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