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Video about how to create password protected secret folders on Mac OSX to keep private files (pictures, videos, movies, documents, etc.) and access them any time you want or need! Please rate and share guys. Thank you
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Text Comments (46)
YuckyPickles (7 months ago)
Jesus fucking christ, you're a horrible teacher!
Druppi 08 (8 months ago)
it work`t, god video
chris jackson (1 year ago)
how do i remove the password?
Mosa Ali (1 year ago)
disk image i forgot my password what can I do
The Tik-Tok Man (1 year ago)
you should update this for the latest OSX
The Tik-Tok Man (1 year ago)
cool man
Zira (2 years ago)
Vielka Diaz (2 years ago)
How retrieve the password
Eddy M. Sánchez de J. (2 years ago)
i have the question because i created one and i forgot the password
sampada pande (2 years ago)
i wanted it to be a folder icon instead of a disk icon. Can anybody help me out here please?!
Sam Clare (2 years ago)
i have forgotten my password does anyone know how to reset it?
Jamall H. Biggs (2 years ago)
how do i recover my password. i forgot it
Coleen Azurin (2 years ago)
hi I am having problems in following your instructions bc the new update is way different than what you have here in this video. It doesn't have a tab that says new image. could you pls help me
Ritik Jangir (2 years ago)
Oh.... hey stranger! its pretty simple. When you open Disk utility drag the cursor to the topmost left, you'll be able to see a selection named "images" further proceed as shown in this video .
J Coca (2 years ago)
I created an encrypted folder, but now I can not find it Help!!!
Patrick McReary (2 years ago)
in yosemite or later you need to go to file and select new image.
Ssam (2 years ago)
but it's not a folder :(
L'Tche Tchen (2 years ago)
Yes, I wanted a normal folder that requires a password when you open it
Verdes Julia (3 years ago)
Hi, I followed your example and made a file.Now I can not recover the password.Any idea how to do it? Thank you
Nguimfack Temgoua (1 year ago)
for every password that you create, try to save in the cloud so you can always find it there when need it.
Bryan Ferrer (3 years ago)
Hi My external hd does not show a specific folder. on my mac I used a windows laptop and at first it was all there but properties show zero files. Then i transferred a file to that folder and it seemed to create a folder but opening it shows zero files and also the properties tab show zero as well. I am lost here so i hope there are several methods you could help me with. thanks
Dipesh Shrestha (3 years ago)
thanks , it helped me
Robertas Ja (3 years ago)
Okey, now i wanna delete this folder and get back my 2 gb of storage, any ideas?
Zira (2 years ago)
yeah: tell application “Folder” to delete all files end tell
Generous FootSlave (3 years ago)
Alright I have a new one for ya. So I utilized this method of hiding a folder and it worked great for years! Now recently during an update to OS Yosemite the file disappeared! I cannot spotlight it or find it anywhere! I even took it to a place for data recovery which only maybe found 20% of my lost data. I never deleted it and remember my password any idea where it could have gone? MEGA KARMA POINTS for figuring this one out for me!
Thar Htoo (3 years ago)
i go to disk utility and just see the options called, First Aid, Partition, Erase, Unmount and Info. I don't see any New Image option. Any ideas?
Patrick McReary (2 years ago)
hi in yosemite or later you need to go to file and select new image.
HanaZura (3 years ago)
Thank you now none of my friends will be able to see pictures of me and my girlfriend now :D
Ranciel morel (3 years ago)
Hey, I Had one of this folder for over 6 months and one day it was just gone and i dont know how to get any of my files back or anything ive tried looking for the folder all over but its gone with all the files, Is There any solution or why did that happend ?
Troy Metcalfe (3 years ago)
what if a accidentally deleted the folder that brings the removable disk out. is there a way to get it back if its been cleared out of trashcan and everything
komal jaswal (3 years ago)
Hi i forgot my password and had thousands of photographs in it, still there is no option to fix it?? :(
kdksuzaan (9 months ago)
but how please can u help me??
Rizuan Ali (3 years ago)
+komal jaswal did u remember the last time you open the folder? if yes, you can easily go to your history and can recover your password back. i tried and it works.. good luck :)
Atidtaya Janin (3 years ago)
HELLO thank you for the video but i have problem,when i clicked creat it says permission denied :( help pls,thanks
William Shipman (3 years ago)
Awesome, thank you very much :)
Kev Loh (4 years ago)
Hi, I have created the file but the problem is i have forgotten my password. help!!
Dougie (3 years ago)
+1992DG1 If you do forget your password whats the ways of opening the folder and keep the same files?
1992DG1 (4 years ago)
+Kev Loh Hey, Sorry for the late answer. Apologies to hear that. I don't think there is much you can do apart from keep retrying! It's brute force. There's no way to "hack" or "crack" it without just knowing the password as it's a fully encrypted thing. I don't think theres a max "retry" limit, you're going to have to keep trying and find out! I hope there was nothing too important.
Isaac Jwailes (4 years ago)
Many thanks. It's deleted.
Isaac Jwailes (4 years ago)
hi, i did the same and i want to delete the file but i can't, its not moving anywhere? any solutions ?
1992DG1 (4 years ago)
Hi, Make sure you unmount it. On he desktop, right click and "eject" the mounted version. Once ejected, you can just move to trash and delete. If you can't find the way to eject, restart your laptop and as soon as it restarts retry to delete by moving to trash.
Ben Gelber (4 years ago)
how do you delete it?
in12341234 (5 years ago)
for some reason it says not enough free space left on disk when i have 200GB free.
Almas Chukin (5 years ago)
Good stuff. 2 questions? 1. I gave DMG file 30 GB and it will be using it as a reserve space for "extra weight" which cyphering produces? Correct? So when I put 100 MB file in it my folder becomes 30,100 MB. 2. Opened folder, worked with it. It doesn't lock up automatically, right? I need to "eject" it (lock in other words) after every use? 
1992DG1 (5 years ago)
Hey thanks, Answer to your questions: 1) No, when you create a 30gb folder it takes 30gb on your harddisk and that's it. Think of it as a reserved area on your disk. 30gb of data is reserved on your disk and it says 'No one else use this space, this space is mine'. But internally, that 30gb could be empty or half full or full of data. So when you create for example 30gb, it takes 30gb of your HDD, when you add files, it will allow you to fill up UP TO 30gb and after that it'll be full and you'll need to create a new DMG file. 2. Sorry I should have made that specific. Yes you need to eject the folder for it to lock with the password. Hope this helps
1733pako (5 years ago)
hey man, i have a question. i created the folder as you said, but i am having problems opening the folder now, the password is right, since i actually opened the folder to put more files in it. so it works, but couple weeks back i have been trying to open the folder and says that the folder can't be opened because an authentication error. and also, i noticed that it says "enter the password to access Familia.sparseimage" whereas your folder says .dmg ??? does that has anything to do with??

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