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Hide FILES by dialing Secret CODES on Android 2017 2018

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Know How to Hide FILES LIKE VIDEOS OR IMAGES by Dialing Secret Codes on your phone . This is a Cool Tutorial .You Should watch if you have secret files . Thanks For watching any Question related this video then please comment down below. Do not Forget To Like ,Share, Subscribe SUBSCRIBE: My Channel https://goo.gl/axC4We LIke my New facebook page facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AkashDharuaHacks Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/akash9668381jojo Google Plus:https://plus.google.com/+AkashDharuaHacks Twitter: https://twitter.com/akashdharua Subscribe AkashTube to Watch liveStreaming https://goo.gl/ueJWGr Click here to Visit my Hindi Channel https://goo.gl/3NuWDB
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Text Comments (96)
Shubhankar Gautam (7 months ago)
But requires net all time
ankita shetty (9 months ago)
Are yaar is app ka naam kya hai
Dilip Jadhav (11 months ago)
Hindi me banao
Shreyas Designs (1 year ago)
hey dude I'm ur fan the stink so dude can we be friends? send your what's app number on [email protected](don't worry it's mine email) so mail it and congo for 200k Subs
VEDANG TATKARE (1 year ago)
U r intellegent
hrl.d (1 year ago)
congratulations for your 200k subscribers akash!
The Sharkman (1 year ago)
Da FUq
Handsome Harish (1 year ago)
can we hide any file in SD card without giving any permission???
Har Prasath (1 year ago)
Akash r u in coc ?
Ms Yusra Ahmed (1 year ago)
Bro how can I restart my play store because he show me a notification (error retrieving information from server) plz tell me
THUNDER HOINKEN (1 year ago)
Hey Akash pls make a vid of GTA 5 story mode unlimited money 💰
Karim Salem (1 year ago)
Where is battlefild 4 on pc
Mokshith BH (1 year ago)
hello akash sir I heard that gta 5 can be downloaded by a website called "androfunz" is it real ? pls prepare a video on that
Fahad Abdullah (1 year ago)
how to hack Instagram account
Fahad Abdullah (1 year ago)
anyone plz
Fahad Abdullah (1 year ago)
Krish Sharma (1 year ago)
Akash bro how to Edit a swf file on android
madhuri jore (1 year ago)
advance congratulations for 900 M subscriber.
Mohammed Abbas Khan (1 year ago)
Akash how do u convert your hindi audio to English....??
Rono Islam (1 year ago)
I will make a video about you reaching 200k subribers
Reena Chauhan (1 year ago)
Bro you are asm
Ankush Kumar (1 year ago)
Akash Bhai pahchana
RajAryan Arora (1 year ago)
Happy Diwali to all
Rellison De Souza (1 year ago)
Which lenovo phone do u have akash?
Keith Arys (1 year ago)
Did you fine a way to hack guns of glory
Abdul Majeed (1 year ago)
Good job bro
KUNAL Hades (1 year ago)
Akash sir do you play coc if yes what is your town hall level
sai prasath (1 year ago)
Akask bhai this app is showing unfortunately stopped
pratik deshpande (1 year ago)
Nice Akash ji.!
smart tricks (1 year ago)
Plz promote my app
Fadekemi Olateju (1 year ago)
Digital Dots (1 year ago)
Dope video *Checkout this video on my channel* 😊
Digital Dots (1 year ago)
Digital Dots (1 year ago)
Digital Dots (1 year ago)
milind gundla (1 year ago)
Pls share your pc build video or toor pls,,,,,,,,,
Janardhan Charry (1 year ago)
Good Luck
Android Tech (1 year ago)
Akash bhai Mai yahan 17 k se tha ab appke 200k ho gye Congratulations for your success.Btw bhai abb to face dikha dee
Electro Gaming (1 year ago)
do u got any playbutton from youtube??
Suman Kapoor (1 year ago)
I lovE Yu alash
Sirjan Regmi (1 year ago)
Gallery vault also works😂😂 try to make unique video which are unknown by public😂😂 lol
Sirjan Regmi (1 year ago)
Not only this app there are many app who actually hide all those files with security code lol..😂😂 so something new bro....
Ratnakar vats (1 year ago)
Akash bro can you make a compressed file of gta4 just like gta5
Susan u (1 year ago)
Like it u are my superman
vaibhav prabhu (1 year ago)
Where is your Coolpad?😁
Redneek YT (1 year ago)
as always great
it's Deepak (1 year ago)
Which theme is this bro
syed Zahed (1 year ago)
Happy Diwali Ek bar to reply karde bhai..
keyboard of a.b (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video because i struggle a lot for hiding my app
Bhaji Bishnoi (1 year ago)
Happy diwali to you...
Shrikant Shah (1 year ago)
Awsome trick bro
YF- B (1 year ago)
Heyy Akash..Such apps have been around for a long time..but still a good 1💪👍👍..something else..is there a way to see how checht your whatsapp ?? A better question can we hack a whatsapp account ?? Thanks for the videos bro..stay strong 💪💪💪👊👊
Balaji yuvi (1 year ago)
Very useful
abhishek kuwar (1 year ago)
This was amazing trick ... But i uses gallery vault
Jignesh Vaghela (1 year ago)
Call ho Jata he bhai
Saket Kumar (1 year ago)
Bro I Want To Start A Yt Channel But I Have Lot of Queries..I Need A Experienced Youtuber so can you give your no. At [email protected] bro you can only help me thx
TECHNO OMKAR (1 year ago)
Nice trick ..help full and your videos is always helpful
Bala (1 year ago)
Setup tour
TECHNO OMKAR (1 year ago)
Raguveer singh (1 year ago)
36th like
gaddy ten (1 year ago)
Bro plz give ur wtsapp no. On my email [email protected]
gaddy ten (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua thnx bro plz send it fast
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
ok Sure brother
Shubham Panda (1 year ago)
Background music friendand also watch my 2nd video its about you😁plz cmnt also if u like
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
I liked it ...and Commented too XD happy Diwali brother XD :P
RF74 GAMING (1 year ago)
Apne ye Kaha we seekha anyway happy diwali
RF74 GAMING (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua sahi hain😂
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
Internet ha Sikhne ko XD ...Apko bhi happy diwali ji ...and Safe diwali
Utkarsh Pratap Singh (1 year ago)
Literally am 1st to watch complete video❤❤........mujhe pta tha iss ke baare me...... but idea nahi tha kaunsa apps h thnx❤❤😊😊
Utkarsh Pratap Singh (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua welcome bhai....nd same to u....har video pe mai dekhta hi upload hote log kud padte h 1st😂😂
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
XDXD thanks for Watching the Full Video man ...I appriciate it ..Warna log to Bina dekhe Kud padte hai XD ...and Happy Diwali apko and apke parivaar ko ..and have a Safe diwali Bhai :0 :P
Naresh Adidya (1 year ago)
Nice trick
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
naresh ji Thank you Bhai
Sanil grg (1 year ago)
Amazing bro!
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
Sunil thankYou Bro
Akshat Thakkar (1 year ago)
Bhai Appka Dusra Number bhejo Plz Bht Zaruri Baat Krni Hai and Pin krdo bhai
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
bhej Diya Dekho
osama Ansari (1 year ago)
Applock also has this feature.
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
oh damn ....that Good News
Tarman .15 (1 year ago)
milind gundla (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua pls make a toor of your pc
Tarman .15 (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua happy diwali bro congratulations for 200k
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
very Soon bro..actually I will try to LiveStream on this Channel or My akashtube channel so that we can have a Live QandA session
A.Z. NOOR (1 year ago)
IT's cool vai akash
A.Z. NOOR (1 year ago)
happy diwali to you too
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
az noor thanks janab ..and happy diwali
Gamer T (1 year ago)
bro plz tell can we hack sim city if yes them how?
MrCubeLord Bx4 (8 months ago)
Gamer T if you want to hack Android game, i suggest you to take a look on onhax.me
Gamer T (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua OK plz try 😊
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
Sim City i never played bro ..But i will check that for u
Akhilesh Rawat (1 year ago)
Gamer T you can download Sim City mod version
Pratyush Pilli (1 year ago)
It actually works........thank u Soo much
Pratyush Pilli (1 year ago)
Aapko bhi
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)
Prutyush Ji thanks mere bhai ....And aapko diwali ki Subh kamnaye
GAP Channel (1 year ago)
Akash Dharua (1 year ago)

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