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CSG1027 (26 days ago)
You gotta check out JAMES BOOKER, man. Obviously Mac and Fess are great but Booker is life.
CSG1027 (26 days ago)
+John Reynolds Agreed, but that that doesn't mean cats can't CHECK HIM OUT like I said! Fun fact: Harry Connick, Sr. was District Attorney of New Orleans back in the day, and Booker had consistent run-ins with the law. Harry Sr let Booker off on a lot of small charges (minor drug possession or things of the sort) in exchange for giving lessons to his son, Harry Connick, Jr.
John Reynolds (26 days ago)
Yea, Booker is an amazing player but his style is well beyond the technical abilities of most players. Allen Toussaint said when Booker was 12 he was more advanced than most adults would ever reach.
Space Catboy (4 months ago)
i like that slower southern sound compared to the snappier city sound. You play great
SSTLibertas (6 months ago)
😂 That accent lol I used to have a Southern accent (still kinda do) but I made myself get rid of it to sound closer to the General American because I moved into Miami when I was little and there’s a stigma everywhere outside of the South around the Southern accent denoting stupidity/backwardness/etc. It really warms my heart to hear non-Americans say they like it :)
MrAlexdavies89 (9 months ago)
Amazing I’d love to play like that!
henry cullum (9 months ago)
Could you please do a tutorial on Dorothy by by dr John
emiliano morgia (9 months ago)
sorry my bad english....bat you are the god of piano! i'm interested your method book...from italy....i want it
Dejan Markovic (9 months ago)
Awersome videos one of the best chanel, sometimes when I try to repeat some tips and tricks fast, I got some unconsciosly fingering and sometimes it sound incredible and feeling is so good. Sory because my bad English language.
Jordon Braun (9 months ago)
Dr K you are an extremely gifted person and you have inspired me to take piano lessons and when I go I show them your videos and say TEACH ME HIS WAYS!!
Sam Larson (9 months ago)
Love your channel. Would absolutely love to see you do a series on Jerry Lee Lewis rock style playing in depth. I love your Rock n roll series, but you should do a lot more of it! Thanks for sharing your time and talent.
Brandon Cook (9 months ago)
I just cant get the double left hand... I've been playing blues piano for about 12 years and have just never been able to seperate it from my brain as i start running scales and licks? Any tips anyone? I always end up having to do walking basslines with my left as with them I can switch off and that just goes without thinking about it. But I would love to be able to do that double left hand tap like you do as it makes blues sound so much fuller. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love the work as usual Brendan. cheers, Brandon.
Robin v Steenderen (9 months ago)
Awesome piano lesson, thnx alot!!
mike a (9 months ago)
the southern "drawl" is friendly and polite.....and as a Texan, I really don't give a damn what northerners think.
TERRY. W (9 months ago)
We all love camera person..
Kilian Nydel Fyr (9 months ago)
I appreciate so much this channel, LET THE BOOGIE BOOGIE ROLL !
Davi Sa Leitao (9 months ago)
You are a genius Dr K. Thanks for making piano cool again. Believe it or not, my 5 year old son starts playing piano after watching your videos. I just bought him an upright piano . Thank you.
Dee Jay (9 months ago)
we want more lessons about those rolls, thanks 😁
Big Wave Dave (9 months ago)
Dr.K can you do a video on the faster boogie style of jorg hegemann and other European boogie players?
Roy Jacobs (9 months ago)
I don't offend easily nor do I get insulted. Just as long as you don't mind me speaking British with an American mid western accent. Lets have a jolly good time.
Kelly Biggs (9 months ago)
Camera person try Texas! Better than Georgia.
The Hidden Face (9 months ago)
Nice playing. I know southern creole music when it's playing or trying to be played. Because I live in Northwest Louisiana
Pepe Sanchez (9 months ago)
Saludos desde México y que viva el WOOGIE BOOGIE
Brian P. (9 months ago)
Damn, that was nice.
Joshtheboss5484 (9 months ago)
Tony Winston (9 months ago)
What a great channel!
Tom Silver (9 months ago)
Nice to find you here Tony, Love your channel too!
RaGe Fakey Antek (9 months ago)
Francisco Cáceres (9 months ago)

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