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How To: VLSM

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YouTube distorted the quality of the video when I uploaded it. Change the quality to HD for a better visual quality. Link to the VLSM chart: http://www.scribd.com/doc/95473974/Vlsm-Chart For any help, email me at [email protected] http://stauntonwebs.com
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AAA AAA (1 month ago)
I have seen many videos and none have been as helpful as yours. I know understand subnetting and VLSM. Thank you very much. I really hope someday you will make more new videos on computing stuff. You have made me understand a whole chapter coming up in my CISCO exams. Thank you.
47J17p29 X (2 months ago)
So even know you have More than 1 Water you still keep the 3rd octet of the ip address the same. When would you change the 3rd octet of an IP address?
Darryl Mitchell (4 months ago)
Thank you kind sir... I too can now shine bright like a diamond!
Emre Gocmen (5 months ago)
Best guide for VLSM subsubnetting I've found. Thanks a bunch, man.
Marisa Ferreira (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Christine Angelica (7 months ago)
MSR5 (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video, explained perfectly. =)
cheetahx13 (7 months ago)
By far, this is the easiest way to do it, awesome
Chris Ramos (11 months ago)
If there are 15 hosts in subnet 2, why did you choose between 32 and 16 instead of between 16 and 8? And because of it, the subnet mask shouldn't be /27, it should be /28. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just want to learn. Thanks!!!
Marcus Joseph (3 months ago)
Chris Ramos because you always -2 from the hosts because one is for the broadcast and the other is for the default gateway I think or is it the network one of them. Anyways that’ll bring you down to 14 when you need 15
Andrew Kansy S. (1 year ago)
I've been browsing VLSM videos for hours and this is the only video that actually explains it clearly, with acceptable audio, despite our narrator being a bit monotonous, but good job :3
Pubudu Madawala (1 year ago)
thanks, very helpful
DunJen_Knives (1 year ago)
cheers mate great basis for vlsm, helped me out a lot!!
jokerimmortal (1 year ago)
Goddammit, you really made it easy
The Joker (1 year ago)
Nice one , it helped more than 10 other top videos.
Sam ha (1 year ago)
on ur 4th subnet your first usable host starts at 193 not 191.
Gee Deluce (2 years ago)
hi there Stauntonwebs, Is it possible for you to share me your complete chart ? thanks, G
realmupke (2 years ago)
genius what if you have more than 254 hosts
jojiro (2 years ago)
you go into the 2nd octet
katayoon ghotb (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, It was very helpful
very helpful.. Thanks for the awesome video :)
Encouragement Therapy (3 years ago)
Thanks this help out a lot!!!!👍
Jason Roberts (3 years ago)
check your broadcast for subnet 2 and first usable host for subnet 3, just a typo that you used both the same I'm sure but good vid
Fortune Sibanda (3 years ago)
ok this seems simple enough just got to be sobber long enough
Hans S (3 years ago)
Shine bright like a diamond (Background Music sounds like Diamonds from rihanna)
Internal Error (11 months ago)
it is that song lol
Ronak Shah (3 years ago)
this is grat video but i could not understand how you done subnet 2? confused !!! :(
Ntshepe Carol Monate (3 years ago)
LOL studying with diamonds in the background, Legend-wait for it-........dary, legendary Thanks ;-)
Garnizzle (3 years ago)
You the real MVP.
mohammadhazeeq (3 years ago)
thank you so much. i hope all of us get benefit from your video dude. :)
Sumit Duwal (3 years ago)
what if required host is 8000 ,4000,2000,500
Jesus saw that (4 years ago)
Great stuff!
Capstickk (4 years ago)
I'm struggling to understand how you found the mask at 3:00 in the video
Dark Mythos (3 years ago)
+Capstickk subnet address : X.X.X.X in decimal , each one is 8 bits , the first 3 are 8+8+8=24 bits and we used in the fourth only the first one and the other 7 are available ,so 24+1=25
MeneerPANtoffeltjie (4 years ago)
Thank you! very helpful ^_^
Amanda W (4 years ago)
Very helpful! Thanks so much!
Conn Diggity (4 years ago)
Thank you. Much simpler in much less time lol
Killer05Condom (4 years ago)
wow, My teacher made this more complicated then it should of been...Extreme thanks, gonna kick my finals ass now :D
Said (4 years ago)
Perfect! thanks a lot
tofox (4 years ago)
Thanks for this helps so much, love to see this put to us in practical demonstration for a basic network.
Vice Liberty Andreas (4 years ago)
Shine bright like a diamond
Yashas Sridat (4 years ago)
thanks man you are great even after completing my CCNA i was having issue with this...do you have any video on CIDR also?
skyerio (4 years ago)
great video, easy to follow and understand. Thank you.
Omar Khamis (4 years ago)
thanks a lot for the video it helped me a lot 
Colin Murray (5 years ago)
darkchronoss (5 years ago)
Simple and ordered. I liked it. (Although a minor mistake in subnet 3, "first usable host", which should be
Sheldon Smith (5 years ago)
that was helpful  and  it  made  me  feel  like  I  was  shinning  bright  like  a  diamond.
Rosque Estoque (5 years ago)
Thank you for the explanation, this helped to understand more of the subnet mask and how the numbers are achieved.
Jeremy Franke (5 years ago)
Thanks for this video. I was banging my head against the wall in my CCNA class with VLSM and your video has been my savior. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
SandyOC100 (5 years ago)
Sorry, but why is the first usable host in the 3rd subnet a lower ip than the subnet address when all the rest are 1 higher?
Eric W (5 years ago)
Because it's supposed to be 193 not 191.
Lyndon Gumban (5 years ago)
Awesome vid. Thank you
iWatchandSub (5 years ago)
Hey, thanks for this vid :) Use annotations to correct the IP on this vid
Stauntonwebs (5 years ago)
I apologize for a late reply. I have included this link in my description. I would have included one in this comment, but YouTube wouldn't allow it. If I am able to help out with anything else, just let me know.
Stauntonwebs (5 years ago)
I am glad my video was able to help you. Reviewing the video, you are absolutely correct! I actually have never noticed that, and no one has ever pointed it out to me. I did this video as a class project and was so nervous when recording, I didn't even notice that error. The first usable host for Subnet 3 really should have said (I said out loud to add one more, but subtracted on in my head by accident.) I am very sorry for the confusion!
gsmith1308 (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for putting this video together to explain VLSM! I was able to follow along very easily. However, I have one question. I would think the first usable host for Subnet 3 (the WAN link) would be The chart on the video shows which is the same as Subnet 2's Broadcast address. Thanks again!
Alexis Hayes (5 years ago)
I noticed at the end of this tutorial you went to the chart method. Do you have a link to that chart you can share? Thanks
binaryME (5 years ago)
great video. it really helped me understand vlsm. very simply put. easiest one to understand that I have found on youtube. thanks
poiXquared (5 years ago)
Great Tutorial! Shine Bright like a Diamond! XD
Stauntonwebs (5 years ago)
The subnet 3 and 4 are used for the two WAN (or Wide Area Network) links. If you notice in the graphical example, around 1:15 into the video, there are connections between the routers. Each interface on the router that a wire is connected to will require an IP address as well, which is why you will need two additional subnets. To account for the WAN links. I hope this helps explain further.
Stauntonwebs (5 years ago)
I apologize for taking so long to respond, as I haven't checked my account in awhile. The subnet 3 and 4 are used for the two WAN (or Wide Area Network) links. If you notice in the graphical example, around 1:15 into the video, there are connections between the routers. Each interface on the router that a wire is connected to will require an IP address as well, which is why you will need two additional subnets. To account for the WAN links. I hope this helps explain further.
Aidan O'Neill (5 years ago)
Yes, I have the same question as Ale tech...
Ale tech (5 years ago)
Hey thanks for the video it was easy to understand im just confused as to why you have created subnet 3 and subnet 4 (which you said has 2 host in each) why are you making these 2 --- i thought the numbers where 66 host 18 host and 16 host? Any help would be great thanks!
Stauntonwebs (6 years ago)
Thank you! I'm glad to know I was able to help you. If you need help with anything network related, feel free to email me. I'd be glad to help you.
Dinesh M (6 years ago)
Thanka alot bro. I spent 2 weeks trying to figure it out....but with your video, I now understood it well. Thanks alot. Wishing you all the best

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