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The Best Boogie Woogie Piano at Heathrow Airport

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The best boogie woogie and rock and roll played on the airport piano by Dr K.
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Text Comments (679)
A Huge Weeb (1 day ago)
What a guy!
Blair Page (2 days ago)
There was an English TV show that was a bit like this 12 bar boogie but on an organ, it was snooker or football or darts ... cant work out what show it was from. Anyone?
Aloise Mason (2 days ago)
That's it..gusto..shazam..u got your mojoe back DrK..sensational
jay Gold (2 days ago)
And they delayed the Takeoff....
Tilixo Jxones (2 days ago)
*dO yOu kNow bOogiE wOogie.?*
Dan Erickson (3 days ago)
The 596 thumbs down WTF is wrong with you, that was smokin piano playing. They must suck on the piano and are jealous.
jay Gold (8 days ago)
Why stopping? Keep going “For ever”....
judy cross (8 days ago)
I saw this with your glasses off. You are just as handsome as you are as a musician. +10.
x Reach The Stars x (9 days ago)
Great ENERGY!!!!
jc weiland's (13 days ago)
3.2 million viewers..woww
Cephei VV1337 (14 days ago)
No one can resist against boogie woogie!
Ethan Lau (15 days ago)
Lol everyone is like what the frick
Louis Loewié (16 days ago)
Marvis Hayden (17 days ago)
Brendan opened the world of Boogie Woogie for me.
Yui Magliocco (18 days ago)
He's a far cry from the Great ""Liberace"" But not too Chablis ...
LocoDevotee1 (19 days ago)
i love him. I want marige
Ronald Van Haevermaet (19 days ago)
Mr Kavanagh, do you give concerts or performances, and where... because I live in Belgium....
Eagleeye Jones (22 days ago)
I - I - I - I - IV - IV - I - I - V - IV - I - I Knowers will know
Brasil Brasil (23 days ago)
eu tentei tocar esse piano mas infelizmente não sei
SACRIFICE GAMING (25 days ago)
That man must be on crack
MTZ384 (30 days ago)
wondering is that the only tune he knows is boogie
Antonio Barroso (1 month ago)
Eres un tío grande tocando el piano
Divy Jain (1 month ago)
Reminds me of great balls of fire !!
xvoidee (1 month ago)
cinedux (1 month ago)
Dr K you can come to stay! Fly Air NZ!
Davide Marchi (1 month ago)
Best, do you say best yourself??
douglas holt (1 month ago)
I hope that piano was 19+
john dow (1 month ago)
Moi jouer. Such french
AlieZ92 (1 month ago)
I wish he would meet this girl at the airport and they could play! (watch?v=GBYDzsTdT30)
John Setchell (1 month ago)
If Only The Piano Was On Fire🔥🔥
Humbooboo Mungarboo (1 month ago)
Not in tune btw.
Rockapulco (1 month ago)
Damn that piano needs a cigarette 🚬
MD Adams (1 month ago)
where do you find a public piano
Love you, Brendan
Cheese Doggy12 (1 month ago)
This video is so satisfying 😍😍💟💟
Martin Blake (1 month ago)
Holly Jesus Crist, this one Sounded in sane !!! I always watch your vids. But I loved this in particular. Congratulations from Buenos Aires. Arg.
Tristan c (2 months ago)
Nobody talk about "moi jouer" "seinn donne" the piano don't speak the baguette
Bernard voor Oranje (2 months ago)
... no sunglasses... 😃
Rodge Raphael D. Casipe (2 months ago)
Nice camera man.
Armando Gomez (2 months ago)
I wish I could play like that 🔥
MrElPoderozo1 (2 months ago)
Timothy Bess (2 months ago)
iLikeTwice :3 (2 months ago)
Looks like the 2 couple enjoy hearing the song :)
MMAwizard 96 (2 months ago)
No one: Brendan: Do you know boogie woogie?
2dgamemania (2 months ago)
i'm no expert but seems in tune to me :)
Stefan Emmelot (2 months ago)
Brendan may I ask what bass patern you used in this video?
하희수AYULMUSIC (2 months ago)
jenacbxx (2 months ago)
dude!!! im sorry you have ony 10 fingers!! :)
TwiistedKyle Gacha (2 months ago)
*i can play that too! Just let me uh.. *grabs extra hands* there!*
x Reach The Stars x (2 months ago)
I can't get enough of this!
Miguel Serrano (2 months ago)
Joseph C Callahan (2 months ago)
Great pair of hands!
nelson rufino (2 months ago)
It’s like playing with 10 vaginas at a time 🤗
Triff Mangle Slip (3 months ago)
I need to be on crack to move my fingers that fast
Shabazeldagon (3 months ago)
Me too...
Ezequias Rocha (3 months ago)
Vinheteiro ☝
Justin Chu (3 months ago)
Not to worry! You only attracted 0.0000000000000000000000000000000002 people at that airport! YAY! Everyone give him a round of applause! :D
Sawyer Schefold (3 months ago)
i am so jealous of how good at piano he is. It shows me how much of an amatuer i am
Ken Konard (3 months ago)
Nothing draws interest more than a good Boogie Woogie session. In NYC subways we are treated to a guy with a sax partnered with a dude banging on a plastic bucket. Boogie Woogie is dead here.
Pier acosta navarro (3 months ago)
Yo no nací en esa epoca pero , la musica de esa epoca me lleva al pasado :)
Katazsolna (3 months ago)
Are you left handed?
Adsb Adsb (3 months ago)
Wow!   Amazing   Do you have an album?
AZTEK Media (4 months ago)
I feel that rhythm lol:-)
Lukas Gamper (4 months ago)
Today 3 years ago...
Jairah Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Is that terminal 3 Heathrow airport?
Mysterious P (4 months ago)
U sound like Ellaskins bro
Молодец! Здорово играет! Хорошие подводки .Он заинтриговал игрой на пианино,до него вообщем не интересовался.Спасибо за расположение!
Gondi Endre (4 months ago)
camden mueller (4 months ago)
sheet music? anyone
Intro Man (4 months ago)
Me too want sheets...
madyogi (4 months ago)
LeXiE GrAcE!! (4 months ago)
Nachas4 (4 months ago)
We have a piano at our school but damn, is it out of tune all the time
Dieu (4 months ago)
The french translation of "play me" on the piano should be "joue moi" instead of "moi joue"
Eno Bite 'S (4 months ago)
Verry good please playing music wully bully chacha ..
Nobodys Business (4 months ago)
That was great! Too bad more people weren't present. The crowd would all be cheering.
Baka Tako (5 months ago)
2 people were late for their plane that day..
Michel G (5 months ago)
N. A. McBee (5 months ago)
That made my day, man 😍😍😍
Gerardo (5 months ago)
si me vine
Aniyah Baldeosingh (5 months ago)
Adriano Lopez de onate (5 months ago)
Brendan could you please do a complete tutorial of this boogie ? I really love. Thanks very much for all your work. Greetings from Italy !!
Joe Mingoia (5 months ago)
Dr K. All cleaned up. Looking and sounding. Great. Doing his. Boogie woogie
Tyler Powder (5 months ago)
I would love to see him play this in person. The amount of energy I'd get just from watching him play
Peter Möller (5 months ago)
This man truly shows that the universal language of man is music.
Alex Selph Drums (5 months ago)
jose rivas (5 months ago)
Play this on my funeral
Dragon Bourn (5 months ago)
Never will I ever be able to play this
Sunrise Boy (6 months ago)
Thank you!
ODILIO MAGALHAES (6 months ago)
It sounds like mix samba + boogie. Fantastic!
mbr5611 (6 months ago)
Anybody who know what those are called that he plays before he starts to play the actual boogie woogie?
Mr Fingersport (6 months ago)
I love it😍❤️
eamel (6 months ago)
Oh man. Got the chills here. Why did I just discover this in 2018?
Jean Parmal (6 months ago)
Please teach me !
Claudia HD (6 months ago)
After almost 3 years i still come here every week because this is just pure positive energie!!!
GARY PRIETO. D.Tecnico (6 months ago)
bansheebandithot350 (6 months ago)
Now that piano 🎹 sounds great
christian guerra (6 months ago)
You are the man,superbrendan
lars (6 months ago)
Tis amazing how some shithead with some title with authority will step in and make people like us stop playing in venues like this. Is this because they have penis envy? Amazing how when you get a good down and dirty boogie groove going, same guy who feels like he is being castrated steps in and tries to find some reason or excuse to make you stop. Primal territory, jealousy? They can't play shit, so they don't want to expose themselves in some penis measuring contest??
Viking Van Man (6 months ago)
Sweet !!! Skål !!!

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